Free Printable Thomas Edison Worksheets [PDF]

Thomas Edison was a noted American Inventor. His inventions played a significant role in developing human civilization in a modernization-centric manner. His stories of inventing innovative things amuse and enthrall kids at a very young age. A unique thing about him was that he excelled in his field despite facing various kinds of difficulties like deafness, dyslexia, etc. That is why; schools teach about him in elementary and middle school curriculums to inspire them to keep moving despite hardships. 

If you have just read the chapter on this great inventor and want to apply your learning about his facts, biography, inventions, our worksheets on Thomas Edison will help you have a quick solution. You can download the free printable pdf version from the bundle link given as well.

Free Printable Thomas Edison Worksheets [PDF] fill in the blanks
Free Printable Thomas Edison Worksheets [PDF] true or false
Free Printable Thomas Edison Worksheets [PDF] math the following
Free Printable Thomas Edison Worksheets [PDF]

What’s included in these Thomas Edison worksheets?

We have designed these worksheets to help you be conversant with quick facts about Thomas Edison. By including facts-based and explanatory questions, we intend to help you develop both an objective and subjective understanding of his life and achievements. Types of questions included are:

  • Fill In The Blanks: Every detail about his life is worth knowing and using that knowledge, you will fill the answers in the blank spaces given in this worksheet. 
  • Match the following: Edison had about 1093 patents in solo and joint capacity to his name in different years. We have picked the ones that children can easily understand. Match those inventions with the year when these were invented.
  • True or False: Using your knowledge about his various life’s incidents, you will write True or False against the statement in this worksheet on Thomas Edison.
  • Write a short note: In this worksheet, you can explain the impact of Edison’s invention on the film industry. You must be knowing he was the man behind the creation of the motion camera!
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Which grades are these worksheets for?

A chapter on Thomas Edison is taught in the middle school curriculum. The kids at the starting stage of learning American History and the American Industrial Revolution are taught how inventions changed America’s very face.

Our worksheets help the history beginners revisit the facts quickly and to prepare for exams in a short time. High schoolers can refresh their learning using these worksheets too.

How our worksheets on Thomas Edison will benefit you?

We have designed these worksheets to help you accomplish your learning/teaching/guiding objectives depending upon your profile.

  • For Student: These worksheets are useful classroom intervention materials that students can use for practice, discussions, exams’ preparations, writing essays and short notes, etc.
  • For Parents: Parents can help kids have a quick refresher material in hand where all relevant information about the inventor is compiled in one place. They can use these to play quizzes with the kids.
  • For Homeschoolers: A homeschooler can have ready-made questions prepared for them in these worksheets. They can go back to books to search for answers or memorize the chapter first, and then solve questions to check memory recall ability. 
  • For Guardian: Helping a child learn about Thomas Edison becomes easy by guiding him to work on these worksheets. You can prepare mock tests to help children become conversant with this topic.

Best way to practice these worksheets

These worksheets on Thomas Edison can serve the learning purposes much better way if you use the following ways:

  • As exam preparation material: You can use these printable worksheets to have all important questions on Thomas Edison compiled in one place. So, these will save your time searching for the questions.
  • For organizing quizzes: You can pick questions from these worksheets to quiz peers. Teachers can design quizzes and take topics for composition writing.
  • As a quick reference: When preparing for exams, you can use these worksheets as quick go-through material accessible anywhere, anytime.
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What’s Next?

In the future, We’ll be updating the above-given worksheets. More worksheets on the Thomas Edison will be added with more engaging exercises. Further, we going to dig a little deeper and provide more informative worksheets. Stay tuned to the updates to this post.

We, at PrintablesHub, aim to deliver well-researched and engaging worksheets on regular basis. Our mission is to let students build a strong foundation of concepts learned through our worksheets. We would love to hear back any feedback from our users. You can subscribe to our newsletter for daily updates on new printables published or keep visiting our site as we post regularly.

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