Free Printable Types Of Government Worksheets [PDF]

Every country needs an apex ruling system or leadership to maintain law and order in the country. This ruling system or leadership code is known among us as ‘Government.’ Apart from law and order, it is also needed to improve inter-country relationships, and for the formulation of policies directed at the growth and development. 

Students from 5th Grade onwards are taught about the types of Government such as communist, socialist, republic, federal, democracy, theocracy, etc. Keeping the learning needs of these students in focus, we have developed the worksheets on types of government with common and easily doable questions/exercises. You can download the free printable pdf version from the link given as well.

Free Printable Types Of Government PDF match the following
Free Printable Types Of Government PDF true or false
Free Printable Types Of Government PDF cut and paste activity
Free Printable Types Of Government PDF

What’s included in these worksheets?

Our worksheets on Types of Government contain the following types of questions. These will allow you to have a subjective view of the governing styles prevalent across the globe. Also, you will find it easy to refresh learning by solving conceptual-learning based questions. 

  • Match the Following: Using the knowledge of different terms like Theocracy, Democracy, Anarchy, etc., you can match these with their meanings.
  • Cut and paste country name against the type of Government: This worksheet contains types of governments or ruling systems on one side and countries’ names are given at the bottom. You can cut and paste the country name against the government system that those countries follow. For example, Canada is a democratic country, and so it is pasted against Democracy.
  • State true or false: In this worksheet, you will apply your knowledge of what any government type means, or the type of government present in any country, some factual information about government like when a country adopted Democracy, and so on. Based on this information, you will write against the statement whether it is true or false.
  • Short Note: By solving all the questions in the above categories and through the facts learned from books, you become a bit opinionated towards the relevance, advantages, and disadvantages of various types of governments. In this short note’s worksheet, you can share your viewpoint on the type of government you would want in your country, explaining its efficacy and relevance in the present scheme of things.
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How our worksheets on Types of Government will benefit you?

We have designed these worksheets to help you accomplish your learning/teaching/guiding objectives depending upon your profile.

  • As a student: By solving these worksheets, you can find your factual and conceptual proficiency. These worksheets work as quick revision material too.
  • As a teacher: You can give these worksheets as practice material. Some project topics can be chosen from these worksheets to give assignments. You can conduct quick quizzes, debates, and competitions using the questions. 
  • As a guardian: When you want to homeschool your ward, these worksheets help check their fluency or you can guide them to prepare similar questions.
  • As a homeschooler: These worksheets offer practice sheets to check knowledge on types of government. You can design your own questions taking a clue from these worksheets. Also, you can use them as quick reference material after filling them.

Which grades are these worksheets for?

Elementary school students use these worksheets to gain factual knowledge. Middle school students may express their proficiency using definitions’ knowledge, countries and their ruling systems related facts, etc.

High school students can refresh the basics and also express their critical evaluation abilities by writing explanatory answers to these worksheets.

Best way to practice these worksheets

Using these worksheets following ways help extract their best benefits:

  1. Solve questions after reading the topic: Memorize the facts and concepts first, and then write answers.
  2. Use as mock test paper: You can use these worksheets as mock exams to prepare for the main test. 
  3. Use as discussion material: How about picking one topic say Anarchy or Democracy, and prepare a short note? Or discuss these during group studies to focus on the topic in a result-oriented manner. 
  4. Prepare quizzes and competitions: You can take prints of these worksheets to challenge each other in solving them the fastest while studying in pairs or groups. Or, you can use these as refresher material for last-minute preparations before appearing in the exam.
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What’s Next?

In the future, We’ll be updating the above-given worksheets. More worksheets on the Types Of Government will be added with more engaging exercises. Further, we going to dig a little deeper and provide more informative worksheets. Stay tuned to the updates to this post.

We, at PrintablesHub, aim to deliver well-researched and engaging worksheets on regular basis. Our mission is to let students build a strong foundation of concepts learned through our worksheets. We would love to hear back any feedback from our users. You can subscribe to our newsletter for daily updates on new printables published or keep visiting our site as we post regularly.

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