Printable Blank Petition Forms Templates [PDF Included]

Petitions are an effective way for individuals and communities to voice their concerns, and opinions, and advocate for change. Petitions are a means for people to come together and express their voices as a group. The collective voice puts forth their request to the authorities, requesting change.  Be it local issues or advocating for broader … Read more

Printable T-shirt Order form Blank Templates [PDF Included]

In the world of business, efficiency and professionalism are of utmost importance. They become more significant when processing customer orders. If you run a small clothing store or a budding t-shirt printing business, you will be able to relate to what is being said. Having well-structured order forms can make a lot of difference for … Read more

Free Printable Time Off Request Form [PDF] (+Employee Time Off Record Template)

If you are an employee, making a time off request form from scratch may be quite stressful. Even the most hard-working and dedicated employees require a break once in a while. Time off request forms will help you ask for some leave of absence off work if you have been working for most days a … Read more