Printable T-shirt Order form Blank Templates [PDF Included]

In the world of business, efficiency and professionalism are of utmost importance. They become more significant when processing customer orders. If you run a small clothing store or a budding t-shirt printing business, you will be able to relate to what is being said. Having well-structured order forms can make a lot of difference for both you and your customers. 

To help people like you who are seeking ways to streamline their customer orders, we have designed two versatile T-shirt order form templates. These help simplify the ordering process and enhance the overall customer experience.

Understanding our templates

Let us explore both of our templates in detail. 

Template 1: T-Shirt Order Form with Visuals

Printable T-shirt Order form Blank Template

The first template that we have curated, features a visually appealing design with a striking yellow stroke across the title: T-Shirt Order form. This template has an intuitive layout, along with visual representations of the front and the back of the T-shirt. You will also find images of intricate details of T-shirt designs such as pockets and sleeves (full sleeve and half sleeve).  This visual aid allows customers to easily select their preferred T-shirt style.

The template requires the customers to fill in the following details:

  • The customer is given size options ranging from XS to XXXL. The right option must be ticked.
  • Both online and offline payment options are available. This ensures flexibility for your customers.
  • A section that asks for basic customer details is added. It includes details such as name, address, order date, email, phone number, and whether they are a new customer (yes or no).
  • There is a choice of preferred delivery method that includes pick up, drop off, or shipping.
  • As mentioned, there is a dedicated order details section for selecting sleeve and pocket preferences.

Additionally, the template also aids in calculating important order details such as the date the items will be shipped, tracking information, subtotals, shipping costs, taxes, discounts, and the final total. This comprehensive approach streamlines the ordering process and reduces the potential for misunderstandings.

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Template 2: Simplified T-Shirt Order Form

Printable T-shirt Order form Blank Template

The second template offers a simplified approach to T-shirt orders. It has a striking yellow stroke across the title: T-Shirt Order form. It is more minimalist in appearance but equally effective in streamlining the order process.

The template requires the customers to fill in the following details:

  • Customers must fill in the information fields, including name, order date, address, email, new customer status, phone number, and delivery method (pick up, drop off, or ship).
  • There is a user-friendly table for specifying order details, including T-shirt color, sizes (ranging from XS to XXL), and the desired quantity.
  • There are payment options, either online or cash, to accommodate various customer payment preferences.

Just like the first template, this design also provides a calculation and summary section, including the date shipped, tracking information, subtotals, shipping costs, taxes, discounts, and the final total. But unlike the first template, this template does not have any visual representations of the T-shirts or sleeves and pockets. 

The simplicity of this template is ideal for businesses looking to efficiently process orders without the need for visual aids or complex design elements.

Using Our Templates in Handling Additional Merchandise

Retail and e-commerce industries focus on diversification, which has become a major criterion for success. While T-shirts may be your primary product, offering additional merchandise can help increase your revenue and cater to a wider customer base and preferences. This section explores the concept of handling various types of merchandise beyond T-shirts and provides insights into how you can effectively manage these products using well-structured order forms.

  • Adapting the Order Forms for Different Apparel:
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One of the most straightforward ways to expand your product range is by offering different types of apparel so that customers can come to you to explore the variety that you offer them. You could include items such as hoodies, tank tops, jackets, and sweatshirts and offer customization on them. 

When you decide to incorporate these products into your offerings, it’s important to adapt your order forms accordingly. Ensure that you make the necessary changes. In the case of the second template, you might use it for all the apparel but you need to change its heading. In the case of the first template, you will have to change the heading and the image accordingly. 

Ensure that your order forms are flexible enough to accommodate the various attributes and details associated with each type of clothing. 

  • Adding Accessories and Complementary Products:

In addition to expanding your apparel line, you can consider adding complementary products such as accessories to your offerings. You can include items like hats, caps, bags, nail paints, and other fashion-related accessories. But ensure that these items align with your brand and cater to your target audience. 

Accordingly, you need to modify your order form to accommodate these accessory items. Ensure that you provide clear descriptions, images, and quantity options. By cross-selling accessories and complementary products alongside your T-shirts, you can increase the average order value and provide a one-stop shopping experience for your customers.

  • Scaling Up Your Business with Versatile Order Forms:

Our templates are extremely versatile and customizable. As your business grows and diversifies, keep these templates handy so that you can accommodate orders from your diversified offerings and provide your customers with what they want. 

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This means your order forms should be versatile enough to handle an expanding inventory of merchandise. Consider using a dynamic form structure that allows you to easily add new products. Versatility in our order form templates ensures that you’re always ready to adapt to changing customer preferences and market trends.

By effectively expanding your product range beyond T-shirts and accommodating these products on your order forms, you can tap into new revenue streams, engage a broader customer base, and build a more comprehensive brand. Ultimately, versatile order forms are the foundation for managing a diverse range of merchandise while maintaining a seamless and user-friendly ordering experience for your customers.

Wrapping Up

In today’s business landscape, time and efficiency are essential for business success. For businesses that run by accepting T-shirt orders from customers, these two T-shirt order form templates offer an effective solution. They help in simplifying the ordering process and also enhancing customer satisfaction. They help you jot down customer preferences and customer details.

Moreover, there is also a dedicated section that allows you to mention tracking details along with the expected date of pick-up/delivery. Such templates ensure that you have all the necessary details in a single place, which also ensures that you deliver on time and make your customers happy. 

With a streamlined order process, there is much less stress on the customer and the seller. There is also a reduced chance of causing errors. Moreover, these templates are helpful in projecting a professional image, allowing you to create a seamless and pleasant experience for your customers. Ultimately, it acts as an essential tool in boosting your business’s reputation and bottom line. 

Therefore, embrace the power of well-structured order forms and watch your t-shirt business flourish.

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