Free Printable Name Tags for Preschoolers [PDF]

Children are often prone to losing their belongings, so name tags are necessary for your preparations for a new school year. Preschool may happen to be both an exciting as well as a confusing endeavor for your little kids but it is undoubtedly something that they are looking forward to.

As parents, shopping for new supplies for your child may be an expensive affair, having to purchase everything from school bags, and stationery, to art supplies, and books. Children are excited to meet new friends their age and learn things that spark their curiosity. Meanwhile, they may forget to lend their attention to their things while in their pursuit of new discoveries.

Amidst all of this happy chaos, we have to ensure that we do not forget to label our child’s belongings, as these will help them identify what is theirs in a classroom already full of fun and colorful supplies. You can find this process made a tad bit easier with these free-to-download printable name tags for preschool students. All you need to do is just download, print, and get using!

Free Printable Name Tags for Preschoolers [PDF]
Free Printable Name Tags for Preschoolers [PDF]

What can you use these Printable Name Tags for?

These printables can be used by both teachers as well as students for various purposes. They can be printed out as many times as you like and used to your convenience.

  • If you are a parent, you may print out these name tags to create an easy to identify and unique label for your preschooler’s belongings.
  • You can also use this to label your child’s water bottles and bags so that they can be recovered if lost.
  • Teachers and parents can use these name tags to identify the students’ textbooks and homework.
  • These name tags can be used to label your students’ art and other projects and models that they may create for school.
  • You may also use these name tags as a reward for a task well done at home or for neat and timely assignments at school.
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Download these name tag printables for no cost as linked below and use them any way you would like.

What’s included in these printables?

The PDF file linked on this page contains two sheets of pages with different styles of name tags that can be easily downloaded and printed out. Children will not only find them very enticing, but they will also help you as parents to easily identify your child’s belongings in a hurried scenario.

  1. The first one is a page with blank red, orange, and purple striped name tags with various animals such as lions, rabbits, and elephants printed on them. You can write personalised comments or identification information on these tags.
  2. The printable name tags on the next sheet are colourful ones with fun polka-dotted patterns. They also have cute designs of different childrens’ toys on them. Print them out on sticker paper to write quick notes or label lockers.

Since both printable are easily customizable and free to download, they make the perfect addition to your child’s already cheerful and fun supplies.

Choosing the Right Name Tags for Preschoolers

A. Factors to consider when selecting name tags

  1. Durability: Preschoolers are active and may engage in various activities that can be rough on name tags. Choose name tags that are durable and can withstand daily wear and tear.
  2. Safety: Ensure that the name tags you choose are safe for preschoolers. Avoid sharp edges or small parts that could pose a choking hazard. Opt for name tags made from non-toxic materials.
  3. Size and visibility: Select name tags that are easily visible and legible. Preschoolers should be able to recognize their names and the names of their peers without difficulty.

B. Design considerations for preschoolers

  1. Bright and colorful: Preschoolers are attracted to vibrant colors. Choose name tags with bright and engaging designs to capture their attention and make them more excited about wearing them.
  2. Age-appropriate images: Incorporate age-appropriate images on the name tags, such as animals, shapes, or cartoon characters, to make them visually appealing and relatable to preschoolers.
  3. Personalization options: Consider name tags that allow for personalization, such as including the child’s photo or allowing them to add their own drawings. This can help create a sense of ownership and pride in their name tags.
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C. Safety considerations for name tags

  1. Attachments: Ensure that the name tags have secure attachments that are difficult for preschoolers to remove easily. Avoid name tags with sharp pins or clips that could cause injury.
  2. Allergies: Be mindful of any potential allergies the preschoolers may have. Choose materials that are hypoallergenic and avoid using materials like latex or certain metals that could cause skin irritation.
  3. Easy identification: Ensure that the name tags have clear and visible identification, such as the child’s name written in bold and legible fonts. This helps teachers and staff easily identify the children and their respective classrooms.

Creative Ways to Use Name Tags in Preschool

A. Name tag icebreakers and introductions

  1. Name tag scavenger hunt: Have preschoolers wear their name tags and encourage them to find other children whose name tags match specific criteria, such as names that start with the same letter or names that rhyme.
  2. All about me introductions: Ask each child to decorate their name tag with drawings or stickers that represent their favorite things or hobbies. During circle time, have them introduce themselves and share what they included on their name tags.

B. Classroom organization and management

  1. Line leader and helper tags: Designate special name tags for line leaders and classroom helpers. These tags can rotate among the children, promoting responsibility and leadership skills.
  2. Centers and activity tags: Create name tags for different centers or activities in the classroom, such as art, reading, or block play. Preschoolers can wear these tags when they engage in specific activities, making it easier for teachers to organize and direct their learning.

C. Social and emotional development

  1. Friend tags: Have each child wear a name tag that includes their name and a space for a friend’s name. Encourage them to find a friend and write their name on each other’s tags. This activity promotes social interaction and friendship building.
  2. Emotion tags: Create name tags that include different facial expressions or emojis to represent various emotions. Preschoolers can wear these tags to help them communicate how they are feeling, promoting emotional awareness and empathy among peers.
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D. Special events and celebrations

  1. Themed name tags: Design name tags that align with specific holidays, seasons, or themes. For example, create pumpkin-shaped name tags for Halloween or snowflake name tags for winter celebrations.
  2. Performance tags: Before a school performance or presentation, have each child decorate their name tags with symbols or drawings related to their role or the performance theme. This helps build excitement and fosters a sense of pride and identity.

E. Parent involvement

  1. Parent name tags: Create name tags for parents or guardians to wear during special events or parent-teacher meetings. This makes it easier for preschoolers to identify their own parents and promotes a welcoming and inclusive environment.
  2. Parent-child collaboration tags: Design name tags that can be split in half, with one half worn by the child and the other half given to the parent. Encourage parents and children to collaborate on a shared art project or activity using their respective tags.

Summing Up

With all their quirks and tantrums, children stumble across new roads and experiences as they grow up. Preschoolers who are full of energy and enthusiasm may be allowed to tread on these exciting new paths within the safety of the supervision and care of their parents and teachers. 

Kids can mix and match these designs to create a funky collection of name tags that they can use to label their belongings. These ready-to-print name tags for preschool and kindergarten students can be used all over the classroom to inspire exciting ideas and creations.

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