Free Printable 12 Inch Ruler Templates [PDF]

Do you know what a common tool you will use when you make a portrait, find the right furniture for your room, or lay out a plan for an architectural project is? The answer is a humble ruler. 

In almost every possible situation we can think of, rulers will come in handy. In this post, we bring you free printable ruler templates in PDF form that can be downloaded, printed, and put to use. Whether you want to use these templates for your child or you are a student or a professional, these free printable ruler templates can be used with ease due to their simple and clear design.

Free Printable 12 inch simple Ruler [PDF] template
Free Printable 12 inch Ruler with colored fractions [PDF] template
Free Printable 12 inch simple Ruler blank [PDF] Template

What’s included in these templates?

Since the measurement is an important part to consider in whatever we are doing, these free downloadable ruler templates will help you when required.

  1. The first sheet of the simple blank ruler template is that of a 12-inch ruler printable template of a neutral colour. It has markings upto 30 cm on the centimetre scale and a 12 inch marking on the left side.
  1. The next printable is that of a ruler with fractions coloured template with larger red markings indicating whole numbers and fractions represented with green. This ruler will be very helpful to make more precise measurements.
  1. The third sheet is a simple blank ruler template that you can customise to your liking by adding your own units or other indications. 

Use these rulers as you fancy to help you convey your projects, ideas, and art with more accuracy and perfection. Simply download them for free and print them out to use as many times as you like.

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Where to use?

These printable rulers can be used for multiple purposes based on your needs, no matter what school or line of work you are a part of. Here are some ways you can benefit from these templates:

  • You can use these free templates in geometry and technical drawings that you may be required to do. They can help you better the precision and quality of your work.
  • If you are a parent or a teacher, you can print out these templates to teach your students the basic rules of measurement and inform them about the different unit measurement systems and how to read these values.
  • Children can also use this template to aid them in art and craft and other creative projects to draw neater lines and measure values.

These printable worksheets will aid greatly in your learning or professional journey. The best part is that you are free to download these templates any number of times at no cost!

Creative Crafts and Projects Using Printable Ruler Templates

  1. Paper Quilling: Print out ruler templates with different width markings and use them as guides for creating precise and uniform paper quilling strips.
  2. Origami: Use ruler templates to measure and fold origami paper accurately, ensuring clean and precise creases for intricate origami designs.
  3. Math Lessons: Print ruler templates with labeled inches and centimeters to teach measurement concepts in a visual and interactive way. Students can practice measuring objects or solving measurement problems.
  4. Science Experiments: Use ruler templates to measure the growth of plants, observe changes in length or height, or track the progress of a physical experiment.
  5. Geography and Mapping: Print out ruler templates with different scales to teach map reading skills or create miniature maps for educational games and activities.
  6. Engineering and Design: Introduce students to basic engineering principles by using ruler templates to plan and measure the dimensions of structures or prototypes.
  7. Art Class: Incorporate ruler templates into perspective drawing lessons, allowing students to create accurate lines and vanishing points in their artwork.
  8. Bullet Journaling: Print ruler templates with various layouts, such as grids or dot grids, and use them to create organized spreads, calendars, or habit trackers in a bullet journal.
  9. Graphic Design: Utilize ruler templates to ensure precise alignment and spacing of elements in digital or print designs.
  10. Sewing and Fabric Crafts: Print ruler templates with sewing measurements and use them to mark or measure fabric accurately for sewing projects, pattern drafting, or quilting.
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Summing Up,

With a large variety of rulers to our avail that are more generalized like the ones mentioned above or more specific ones like a seamstress tape or a carpenter’s rule, the fact remains that rulers are an essential part of all our daily lives. Whatever way you choose to use this device, a good ruler must give you accurate readings and precise measurements and lines. So, just download, print, and get using this ruler for the various needs that you might have!

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