Free Printable ‘Would You Rather’ Questions for Kids [PDF]

“Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play, children learn how to learn! – O. Fred Donaldson”

Donaldson said it right; playing the right kind of games does influence the early learning years of children. There are indeed certain games which educate children a lot. However, most importantly, while playing games, they learn how to learn.

Now it might be a little mind-tackling to understand what we mean by learning how to learn. However, if you get this right, you would always choose fun interactive sessions with your children over strict, rigid, and boring sessions. 

In this post, we bring you a fun game of ‘would you rather’ questions in the form of free printable PDFs to make learning a fun process for children. You can download our free printable ‘would you rather’ PDFs for kids in your gadget and get started.

Free Printable 'Would You Rather' Questions for Kids [PDF]
Free Printable 'Would You Rather' Questions for Kids [PDF]

What does the ‘Would You Rather’ Printable PDF include?

This ‘Would you rather’ initiates an interactive conversation between kids and adults. This free printable PDF is a getting to know you-game wherein a child is put in two different situations, and he/she has to pick one.

For example, “would you rather be ironman or batman”, “would you rather be invisible or be a mind-reader,” and much more. While playing these games, the abilities of a child are put to test.

Types Of Questions Included In the ‘Would You Rather’ Printable

The ‘would you rather’ free printable PDF consists of a challenging set of questions that will benefit the child in many ways. The questions given in the PDF are:

  • Would you rather be invisible or a mind reader?
  • Would you rather take rebirth as a tiger or a bear?
  • Would you rather drink spicy milk or bitter vegetables?
  • Would you rather have a million dollars or 10$ every day?
  • Would you rather have an extra hand or head?

Such questions included in the printable PDF are exceptionally beneficial for children, as they challenge the little ones in a lot of big and small ways.

How would ‘Would You Rather’ printable PDF be beneficial for kids?

Children usually have a short time span of interest in anything or almost everything. Even when we talk about games, they tend to lose interest in a game very quickly. That being said, it’s important to indulge them in interactive games to keep them hooked with fun learning tasks. 

  • Decision-Making Ability: These printable PDFs require kids to choose between two sides. And therefore, the kids will ultimately have to choose to fight his/her dilemma and pick one side. Thus, improving their decision-making ability.
  • Intellectual Development: This decision-making ability requires their full attention and, therefore, involvement of their minds. To make a choice, they constantly challenge their mind to pick the side that is the best for them. And that’s how it results in the development of their mind.
  • Social Skills: Another advantage of this printable is that it builds up the child’s social skills. While playing with a group of children, there’s an advantage to listen to them and interacting with them. By playing together not only does it boost their confidence but also provides them with a foundation to grow better and learn better and also, to socialize.  
  • Strong Bonds: Whether it’s their parents, teachers, or friends they play the game with, the bond grows. From learning how to interact to listening to each other, games like such provide a solid foundation for budding relationships and friendships with and among children. 
  • Communication Skills: This is one of the most apparent advantages of this game. The game allows children to exchange thoughts, feelings, choices, and much more. And therefore, interactive games like ‘would you rather’ are the best way to build a child’s communication skills right from the beginning.
  • Boredom Buster: It’s a great way to bust the boredom around the house and get your kids to do some talking with you. You can have a fun chit–chat session with your toddlers, can tap on their creativity, and get them to question the choices. 
  • Self-Confidence: Being able to choose and answer the question makes them more confident and increases their self-esteem. It brings them a feeling of joy and accomplishment altogether. 
  • Self-Awareness: This game makes the child self-aware of his/her choices. If a child can choose, it clearly shows that he/she is more self-aware. Moreover, they construct their knowledge themselves and develop responsibility and obligations.
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Where can the free ‘Would you rather’ printable for kids be used?

Here are a few ideas where you can use these ‘would you rather’ free printable PDFs:

First Day Of Class: This game can be a great icebreaker on the first day of a new class because children usually on the first day are both nervous and excited at the same time. Also, it helps them to know each other better. 

Learning with Fun: Diane Ackerman has rightly said that “Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning.” You can always make learning fun with a little bit of an interactive game like this one. You can always change questions with fun learning topics. 

Parent-Child interaction: Games are always a boon for when you want to interact with your child and have a fun time with them. Like that, you can use this game to get to know your child better, knowing what their choices are and what their thoughts are about various things – From fictional characters to real-life personalities, from plants to animals, and much more. 

Birthday Parties: We all know what birthday parties are for, right? Snacks, games, and lots of fun! Now, this game will surely add up to your fun party with children having to make choices with a dilemma.  

Suggestions for making the game more interactive and engaging

  1. Time-based Challenges: Set a timer for each player to make a decision. This adds an element of excitement and encourages quick thinking.
  2. Debate and Justification: After each player chooses their answer, encourage them to explain their reasoning behind their choice. This sparks discussions and allows players to practice persuasive communication skills.
  3. Group Participation: Play the game in a group setting, where everyone takes turns answering the questions. This promotes collaboration, listening skills, and friendly competition.
  4. Create Scenarios: Instead of simply asking standalone questions, create scenarios that provide context for the choices. For example, “Would you rather have the ability to fly but only at night or be able to turn invisible but only for 10 minutes a day?” This encourages imagination and storytelling.
  5. Add Visuals: Incorporate visuals or illustrations alongside the questions to make them more visually appealing and engaging for kids. This can be done in the printable PDF or by using props or cards during the game.
  6. Incorporate Props: Use props related to the choices to enhance the experience. For example, if the question is about choosing between becoming a superhero or a pirate, provide kids with props like capes and eye patches to help them visualize their choices.
  7. Create a Scoreboard: Keep track of each player’s answers and tally their points based on their choices. You can assign points based on the majority choice or create a point system for more complex decisions. This adds a competitive element and encourages players to strategize.
  8. Designate a Moderator: Assign one player as the moderator who reads out the questions and keeps the game moving. This role can rotate among players, giving everyone a chance to participate actively.
  9. Personalize Questions: Allow kids to come up with their own ‘Would You Rather’ questions. This fosters creativity and makes the game more personal and engaging for everyone involved.
  10. Introduce Consequences: For added fun, create consequences or rewards for the choices made. For example, if someone chooses to eat only vegetables for a week, they may earn a special treat or avoid a small punishment.
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Summing up,

‘Would you rather’ free printables for kids will contribute to a healthy and interactive childhood, intellectual development, social development of a child as a whole. Through games like such, you can have a better understanding of your child in various fields. From Air space to Mythological characters, from their favorite season to their favorite food and what not! And have all ears for a special tip from us; if somehow your child is angry with you, then this game will surely be a great icebreaker to get them talking. 

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