Free Printable List Of European Countries and Their Capitals [PDF]

A Capital is the prime place of the country important from both the political and administrative view. All public departments’ head offices and other important meeting places of the government officials are situated here. It is due to the importance attached that knowing about the capital city of a country is required for a Geography student. In this post, we have come forth with a printable list of European counties and their capitals. PDF format is also available below for free download.

Our printable list comprising European countries and their capitals can be saved on your preferred gadgets for revising the stuff anywhere, anytime. You can also print it as per the requirement and have its poster hung in your study room, or class, or file it in your study material folder. Please take a look:

How many countries are there in Europe?

Europe is one of the largest continents in the world. It has been a pivotal force in the occurrence of various historical events too. Germany, Italy, France, and so on; who has not heard of these countries’ names? But, Europe is way more expansive than just these three names. To add to the curiosity, the creation of the European Union did lead to debate over the correct number of countries and their geographical distribution. In our printable list, we have included 51 countries and their capitals.

Some interesting facts about European countries

If you want to dig deeper than simply rote memorizing the European capitals’ list, you may feel amazed by these facts:

  • Bulgaria is the oldest country in the Europe
  • Brussels is considered the capital of the Europe
  • Vatican City is the smallest city and the worst one, too, from a tourist’s perspective
  • Slovenia is the greenest city
  • Luxemborg is the wealthiest city
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With these facts in hand, you can enrich this printable list further by noting these facts against the countries’ names; it can help you prepare well for the European Geography subject paper.

How to use our printable list of European Countries and their capitals?

Our printable list of European countries with capitals mentioned on it serves as an easy preparation and educational game tool. You can employ it for:

  1. Study Aid:
  • Use the printable list as a study aid to familiarize yourself with European countries and their capitals.
  • Review the list regularly, testing your knowledge and identifying areas that need improvement.
  • Create flashcards or quizzes based on the list to make learning more interactive.
  1. Travel Planning:
  • If you’re planning a trip to Europe, the printable list can be a valuable resource.
  • Use it to mark the capitals you plan to visit, helping you create an itinerary that covers diverse regions.
  • Make notes or annotations beside each capital to remind yourself of specific attractions or landmarks you’d like to explore.
  1. Language Learning:
  • If you’re learning a European language, the list can assist you in practicing the names of countries and their capitals.
  • Use the list as a reference when practicing pronunciation or spelling.
  • Challenge yourself by trying to match the country names with their respective capitals in your target language.
  1. General Knowledge:
  • Expand your general knowledge by using the printable list as a reference tool.
  • Engage in trivia games or quizzes with friends or family, testing each other’s knowledge of European countries and capitals.
  • Explore the history and cultural significance of each capital, deepening your understanding of European heritage.
  1. Classroom or Educational Setting:
  • Teachers can utilize the printable list as a teaching resource in geography or social studies classes.
  • Distribute the list to students for individual study or group activities, such as mapping exercises or quizzes.
  • Encourage students to research and present interesting facts or stories about specific countries and capitals.
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To conclude,

Bringing technology in education can be made more meaningful with device-friendly printable lists. If you want to convert screen time into productive study time, you can do so by having a printables collection. So, include this printable list of European countries in your study material collection and share with us how you benefited from it.

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