Free Printable BBQ Judging Scorecard Sheet [PDF]

BBQ competitions are serious events for cooking enthusiasts, and it is even more alluring for those visiting the event. A competition of smoking meat with sauces and serving them with a blend of lettuce leaves or burgers has been one of the most common practices in the United States. 

Every BBQ competition has a judge or many judges who rank the participants in various categories. These judges give points based on cooking, taste, presentation, and the time consumed. 

In this post, we have brought you a PDF of the Free Printable BBQ Judging Scorecard, which is very useful for the judges at any BBQ competition to give scores in different cooking areas, which can ultimately decide who the winner is is of the competition would be. 

Free Printable BBQ Judging Scorecard Sheet [PDF]

What’s included in our Printable BBQ Judging Scorecard PDF?

The printable BBQ Judging Scoresheet is very simple to understand. The card consists of important details like the Contest, Date, Name of the Judge, and most importantly, the participant/team number. 

Then comes the various criteria under which every participant or team will be ranked. These would be taste, texture, tenderness, appearance, and presentation. Candidates are marked out of 5, and the total out of 25 can be mentioned below.

The judges can also mention their comments about the candidates. All in all, this Free Printable BBQ Judging Scorecard PDF is a useful tool for BBQ competitions, as this is the most important piece of paper when it comes to deciding who the winner would be.

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How to use this Printable BBQ Judging Scorecard PDF?

  1. BBQ Competitions are one of the most enjoyable events. While it is enjoyable, taking up the responsibility to judge a good smoked steak or chicken based on its presentation is easier with this free printable, as you just have to give the right rating. 
  1. Based on what you like the most about a final dish presented, you have five justified options to judge the work done on the dish. If the appearance is good, rate it four, and if it lacks taste, rate it 2 and write down your suggestion for it in the comments.
  1. The important part of the final entry is the taste and box presentation. Based on these two areas, the scoring can be done by marking the appropriate number and mentioning the reason behind it in the comments. 
  1. With just ratings on the printable BBQ judging scoresheet, you don’t have to worry much about pointing out every detail. Every judge is well aware of the good and bad sides of every dish, and based on that; it makes rating easier with just numbers. 
  1. These free printables can be used at a major event or even a small family occasion where steaks can be judged on how their family members prepare them. These printables being easy to access and even easier to use, the process of judging becomes simple.

Benefits of using the BBQ Judging Scorecard

BBQ competitions run for a long time. Every participant is dedicated to making that perfect steak, chicken, or sausages with the right sauces, the right seasoning, and perfect slices, making every slice of meat look similar to the other.

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Judging all of these elements of an entry is done on these five major categories, which are already present on the printable BBQ judging Scoresheet. Rating them according to your thoughts and then mentioning the reason behind your likes and dislikes in the comments sections makes the process of judging easier. The participant can also know the areas they lack very easily. 

Summing up

BBQ Competitions are way too famous among food lovers and cooking enthusiasts. People gather for a good box of their favorite meat with the right sauces and burgers with fries, drinks, and many things to enjoy.

A social gathering like this having a competition on cooking can certainly make the day far more pleasurable. Those who organize these competitions can now worry less about printing their scorecard and depend on these free printable BBQ Judging Score Cards to have a fun time in their event. 

What’s next?

In the future, We’ll be updating the above-given template and educational charts. More unique templates of BBQ Scoring Sheet Printable will be added with more challenging ideas. Stay tuned for the updates to this post.

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