Free Printable Getting To Know You Worksheet for Adults [PDF]

“The most fundamental aggression to ourselves, the most fundamental harm we can do to ourselves, is to remain ignorant by not having the courage and the respect to look at ourselves honestly and gently.”
― Pema Chödrön, When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times

Yes, that is right! Taking a look at the self and having conscious awareness about personal traits seem to be out of the window sometimes. Just like a machine, we all do work and slog to put the bread on the table. And, in the process, forget completely what exactly made us what we have become. In this post, we have put a ready reckoner to help you travel inwards into your own self, and revisit your likes, dislikes, etc. It may help you prepare for the, ‘tell us about yourself,’ kind of questions at job interviews, and you may also use it to know the self or anyone you want to know better.

What does Getting to Know Your printable PDF contain?

Free Printable Getting To Know You Worksheet for Adults [PDF]

We have included the following questions in our Getting to Know You Adult PDF printable PDF:

  • Languages you speak: A multi-lingual person shows signs of better intelligence. Languages learned may help a lot in jobs, too, where the need is to deal with people who speak and understand different languages
  • Sports you play: You can enlist both outdoor and indoor sports here. It shows your interest in athletic activities. At a deeper level, a person can assess the cranial capacity of a person who loves sports. How? It is because the brain works much faster when made to play and excel in sports. So, enlist sports you actually play and know well.
  • Your Favorite Recipes: We are what we eat, think, and read. One of the biggest intake materials that tell a lot about your take on life is the recipes you love to eat. A liking for mild, healthy food is a sign of good health too, and the love for spices, etc. have a lot to do with the aggressive nature, upset stomach, and low energy levels too.
  • Places you want to visit: The choice of places planned to visit can help the assessor know about the kind of destinations that attract you. If you are a hills lover, you are definitely a resilient, adjustable, and strong-minded soul; and if you are into historical places, etc. you have something artistic in your personality.
  • Your Future Goals: Most obvious thing a recruiter would like to know about you! Your future goals are a mirror of your dreams, aspirations, potential, and your life plan. Mostly, when an organization hires someone for top managerial positions, they look for people who are enthusiastic about their future and can be the guiding light to others too.
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Pros of ‘A little about You’ questionnaire Printable PDF

We all have grown up filling scrapbooks for friends. Though those books may not have meant so much as an adult, there are certain advantages which you should know about filling this ‘A little about you’ questionnaire. These benefits are:

  • These can work as ice breakers: People love those people who talk about them. So, when you ask a person to fill up this sheet, it may help you build a bridge between you two. They will be more inclined to talk to you.
  • Database creation: When used in a corporate setting, ‘Getting to Know You’, may be used as a part of the personality assessment process. Candidates may be shortlisted for various training programs depending upon the answers they provide in this printable PDF on ‘A Little About You’.
  • A parting ritual: When you are breaking away from someone and want to keep his or her memories stored not only in the mind but also in a folder, you can get this sheet filled as a parting ritual.
  • A personality development assessment tool: As human resource personnel, or a team leader, you can ask your team members to fill this little questionnaire printable PDF and have basic information about them saved with you for future reference.

Tips for Using the Worksheet Effectively

  1. Create a Safe and Comfortable Environment: Establish a safe space where participants feel comfortable sharing personal information. Emphasize that all responses should be respected and kept confidential.
  2. Encourage Authenticity: Encourage participants to be genuine and authentic in their responses. Remind them that the purpose of the worksheet is to foster connections based on shared experiences and values.
  3. Respect Boundaries: Remind participants that they have the right to decline to answer any question they are uncomfortable with. Emphasize the importance of respecting boundaries and not pressuring others to share more than they are willing to.
  4. Reflect and Share: After the activity, encourage participants to reflect on their experience and share any insights or realizations they had during the process. This promotes a sense of shared learning and strengthens the impact of the activity.
  5. Adapt the Worksheet as Needed: Feel free to modify the worksheet based on the specific context or group dynamics. Tailor the questions to align with the objectives of the activity and the preferences of the participants.
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Creative ways to use the “getting to know you” worksheet

  1. Icebreaker Activities: Incorporate icebreaker activities alongside the worksheet to further enhance connection-building. These can include games like “Two Truths and a Lie,” “Human Bingo,” or “Speed Networking.” These activities create a relaxed and interactive environment, making it easier for participants to engage with one another.
  2. Group Discussions: Organize group discussions or roundtable sessions where participants can share their experiences and perspectives on specific topics related to the worksheet. This encourages deeper conversations, allows for diverse viewpoints, and promotes a sense of community.
  3. Pair or Group Sharing: Divide participants into pairs or small groups and provide them with specific questions from the worksheet to discuss amongst themselves. This fosters more intimate conversations and allows individuals to connect on a deeper level. Afterward, bring the larger group together for a collective discussion, where participants can share insights from their smaller group conversations.
  4. Networking Events: Utilize the worksheet in networking events or professional settings. Encourage participants to exchange completed worksheets, providing a foundation for meaningful conversations and networking opportunities. This approach can help individuals find common ground and build professional relationships.
  5. Follow-Up Activities: Organize follow-up activities or events based on the connections formed through the worksheet. This can include social gatherings, collaborative projects, or shared interest groups. Providing opportunities for ongoing interaction strengthens initial connections and facilitates long-term relationships.

Summing up,

Getting to know somebody is a great honor, and sometimes a serious responsibility too. Our Getting to Know You PDF helps find the basic virtues of any person and offers a tool to dig deeper into the visible layers of any person’s personality. So, employ these when you need to know somebody up, close and personal, and get all information you need about your acquaintances stored in one place.

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