Free Printable Triple Yahtzee Scores Sheet Template [PDF]

An avid Yahtzee player knows exactly how important it is to keep up with the scores of the game. No doubt! This game is super fun and interesting to play. But if all of your time is being used to keep up with the scores, where’s the fun, right? You need a ready-made solution for that and we got you covered. 

Little ones and elders both love this addictive game, but what do you do when it becomes too difficult to maintain the score sheet? So, you gonna pick pen and paper every time to draw the layout for scores. A little tedious, isn’t it? Well, we got something for you! We have sorted out this problem of yours by coming up with a free printable triple Yahtzee score sheet PDF. 

 So, all you have to do is download our free printable triple Yahtzee score sheet PDF and start playing keep the score, because what is the fun of playing the game when you can’t even keep track of the score?

Free Printable Triple Yahtzee Scores Sheet Template [PDF]

What is Triple Yahtzee?

For those of you who find it difficult to understand what exactly Triple Yahtzee is, we have got you covered! This dice-based game is more or less just like playing three games of Yahtzee itself. 

This game can be played just like the regular Yahtzee, except that the score is maintained in three columns rather than one. Players generally have to roll the dice like they do in the usual Yahtzee game and keep track of the score using the printable Triple Yahtzee score sheet. 

The Yahtzee game has taken inspiration from other dice games of earlier times, such as the poker dice, Yacht, and Generala. However, when we talk about the triple Yahtzee, it came into existence only in 1972.

What is the Purpose of the Yahtzee Score Sheet?

We all love games that challenge us and excite us to play more of them, especially a game like Triple Yahtzee, which people of all ages love. But a lot of times, it becomes too difficult for people to maintain their scores and keep track of who is winning and lagging. 

Honestly, it takes the fun away in the game if half the time is wasted in keeping up the scores. Whether you’re playing just for enjoyment or playing a heavy-duty Triple Yahtzee tournament, this printable Triple Yahtzee score sheet will come in handy.

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Triple Yahtzee lovers can use this score sheet to keep an unbiased track of scores and evaluate player’s performance throughout the game. The score sheet is self-explanatory and gives you all the necessary information on how you can record the scores. 

Rules and the three exceptions to play Triple Yahtzee

In order to be a pro player, you got to aware yourself of the important rules of Triple Yahtzee. This game requires you to put forth your strategical skills quite more than what you did in Yahtzee itself. However, it’s pretty easy to adapt to.

As we mentioned earlier, triple Yahtzee is played similarly to the game of a standard Yahtzee. However, there are three exceptions:

1. The first exception:

The first exception is that your scoreboard has three active rounds simultaneously, therefore, enabling you to score anywhere across the board in three matches at a time.

2. The second exception:

The second exception is that your scores for the first round will be calculated, as usual; however, for the second round, the scores will be multiplied by two, and for the third round, they will be consequently multiplied by three. And this will result in you targeting higher bonus points.

3. The third and the final exception:

And lastly, the final exception directly in a way affects your Yahtzee bonus points and Yahtzee joker. 

  •          Joker Rule: If you roll a Yahtzee, but all the Yahtzee columns have already been scored with either 0 or 50, and all three columns for the respective category in the upper section have also been achieved, then you can score in any one of the categories in the lower section.
  •          Yahtzee Bonus: You will get bonus chips if all the scores of Yahtzee columns are 50 or plus. Bonus chips are a hundred points and are given only in achieving more than zero points in the round. These chips are then recorded in the respective columns in which the score was made initially. Finally, its value gets multiplied by the multiplier in a column similar to other combinations so that the chips scored in the second and third column are worth 200 and 300 points, respectively. 

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How to use our printable Triple Yahtzee score sheet PDF?

This Printable PDF offers you a Triple Yahtzee scoresheet template to quickly download on your electronic devices for a fun and interactive gaming session.

Use this printable Triple Yahtzee score sheet to keep a systematic track of your scores, as it even mentions the slightest of details, like the bonus points, 3 of a kind, 4 of a kind, full house, grand total, and much more so that every little detail is catered to.

The template consists of colonies for two games of Triple Yahtzee, respectively. The score sheet even suggests to the players how they can keep track of the score against each particular. Players can record up to 2 games at a time in 1 score sheet.

Moreover, the template is built so that it’s sure to attract the eyes of the players; with the color schemes and contrasting fonts, it is a sure shot to arouse your interest in playing triple Yahtzee. 

Additional Tips and Strategies for Triple Yahtzee

In Triple Yahtzee, the stakes are higher and the gameplay becomes more challenging compared to regular Yahtzee. To help you improve your chances of achieving high scores and winning the game, here are some additional tips and strategies:

  1. Focus on Upper Section Scoring: In Triple Yahtzee, scoring in the Upper Section becomes even more crucial. Aim to score at least 63 points to earn the Upper Section bonus. Prioritize filling in the bonus categories, such as Aces, Twos, Threes, etc., to secure additional points.
  2. Utilize Joker Rule Strategically: The Joker Rule allows you to use a filled category more than once. Strategically decide when to use this rule to maximize your points. Consider saving it for a category that you’re close to filling in and that has the potential for a high score.
  3. Prioritize Lower Section Categories: While Upper Section scoring is important, don’t neglect the Lower Section categories. They offer opportunities for more significant point gains. Focus on completing categories like Full House, Small Straight, Large Straight, and Yahtzee to score big.
  4. Keep Track of Bonus Yahtzees: Triple Yahtzee introduces the concept of Bonus Yahtzees. If you roll a Yahtzee after scoring one in the Yahtzee category, you earn a bonus of 100 points. Keep track of your Bonus Yahtzees and make sure to maximize this opportunity by filling in the appropriate category.
  5. Play Strategically with Chance: The Chance category allows you to score the total sum of all dice, regardless of their combination. Use the Chance category wisely, especially when you have no viable option for other categories. Sometimes it’s better to accumulate points through Chance rather than settling for low scores in other categories.
  6. Evaluate Dice Combinations: Develop an understanding of which dice combinations are more likely to occur. For instance, a Small Straight is easier to achieve than a Large Straight. This knowledge will help you make informed decisions when deciding which category to fill in based on your dice roll.
  7. Take Risks with the Lower Section: In Triple Yahtzee, it can be worth taking risks with the Lower Section categories, especially if you’re aiming for a high score. For example, if you’ve already scored a small straight, consider pushing your luck to achieve a large straight or even a Yahtzee.
  8. Pay Attention to Special Categories: Triple Yahtzee introduces special categories like Triplets and Quadruplets. These categories require specific dice combinations and offer the chance for substantial points. Keep an eye out for these opportunities and strategize accordingly.
  9. Practice Strategic Re-rolls: Knowing when to re-roll and which dice to keep is essential in Triple Yahtzee. Use your re-rolls strategically to optimize your chances of achieving desired combinations. Pay attention to the dice you need to fill specific categories and prioritize rolling those.
  10. Stay Flexible and Adapt: Triple Yahtzee can be unpredictable, and luck plays a significant role. Stay adaptable and adjust your strategy based on the rolls you receive. Being open to different scoring possibilities and adjusting your plans accordingly will help you navigate the game more effectively.
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Wrapping up

Incorporate these additional tips and strategies into your Triple Yahtzee gameplay to boost your scores and increase your chances of victory. With strategic decision-making, flexibility, and a bit of luck, you’ll be well on your way to mastering this exciting variation of the classic game. Roll the dice, track your scores using the provided printable template, and enjoy the thrills of Triple Yahtzee!

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