Free Printable Football Squares Templates [PDF] (Blank+Numbered)

Sports is the activity that brings people together as individuals and as a group! One such exciting sport is the humble football game. You can enjoy this game in different ways. While some people choose to sit back and watch the game with friends and family in the comfort of their home, others may prefer watching it live. 

Take this game experience to another level with the help of these Super Bowl square templates that will help you and your friends and family to keep track of teams and scores as the game proceeds. A pool grid is an inevitable necessity when it comes to such games, and we have got you covered with a free printable football squares template with 100 football squares that are ideal for writing details within.

Free Printable 100  Football Squares Templates [PDF] (Numbered)
Free Printable Football Squares Templates [PDF] (Blank)

Why use these Printable Football Squares?

If you find it challenging to decide what templates to download, we will provide you with well-made printable documents that will suit your needs in this article. Our printables have neatly and precisely made grids with plenty of spacing for you to write comfortably.

This printable makes it easy to organize a game of football with close friends and are also ideal to share with long-distance friends and acquaintances as they come numbered and can be shared via the internet. It can be a massive waste of time to spend making grids by yourself, so we have provided you with customizable grids that you can use hassle-free but still have the flexibility to change based on your preferences.

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Now that you are informed why you may consider downloading these printable football square templates, here is all you need to know about them.

What is included in these Printable PDFs

These printable football squares are available to download in pdf format free of cost from our website. Here is what you can find once you download these template PDFs. The first printable is the numbered one with 100 football squares and differently colored markings of the teams as ‘Team 1’ and ‘Team 2’ on either side of the grid.

The other printable is a blank football square template that is easily customizable and can be printed out multiple times for your use.

How to Use the Printable Templates

Once you have downloaded and printed the free printable football squares templates, it’s time to understand how to effectively use them for your game. Follow these simple steps to make the most out of your printable templates:

  1. Familiarize Yourself with the Template Layout:
    • Take a moment to study the layout of the template you have chosen. Each template typically consists of a grid with rows and columns.
  2. Determine the Size of Your Grid:
    • Assess the number of participants you expect to have for your football squares game. Depending on the template, you may find various grid sizes available, such as 10×10 or 5×5. Choose a size that suits the number of players and your preferences.
  3. Label the Rows and Columns:
    • The rows and columns in the grid are typically labeled with numbers and letters, respectively. Use a pen or pencil to write the numbers and letters on the corresponding rows and columns of the template.
  4. Assign Numbers to the Squares:
    • Before the game begins, you need to assign random numbers to each square in the grid. Start with the top row and work your way down, assigning a different number to each square until you reach the bottom row.
  5. Fill in the Team Names:
    • Write the names of the competing teams at the top and left side of the grid. Typically, the visiting team’s name goes on the top row, and the home team’s name goes on the leftmost column. Make sure the names are legible and clearly distinguishable.
  6. Distribute the Squares:
    • If you’re hosting a football squares game where participants pay to enter, distribute the squares among the players. Allow them to choose the squares they want by writing their names in the corresponding squares. Ensure that participants fill in their names legibly.
  7. Optional: Determine the Prize Structure:
    • Decide on the prize structure for your football squares game. Commonly, prizes are awarded at the end of each quarter or at the final score. Specify the payout amounts or rewards for each winning combination.
  8. Observe the Game Progression:
    • During the football game, pay attention to the scores of each team. As the scores change, you can determine the winning squares by looking at the intersection of the last digit of each team’s score on the grid.
  9. Declare the Winners:
    • At the end of each quarter or at the game’s conclusion, announce the winners based on the winning square combinations. Distribute the prizes accordingly.
  10. Enjoy the Excitement:
    • Sit back and enjoy the football game with your friends, family, or colleagues, as the football squares game adds an extra level of excitement and engagement to the viewing experience.
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These free printable football square templates will come in handy when you would prefer to spend your time enjoying the company of your family and friends instead of creating a lengthy grid to enter football table sheets from scratch. These templates being absolutely free can be downloaded from the links in this article as many times as you would like. Enjoy this fun session with your friends with the help of our carefully curated printables.

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