Free Printable Charades Word Lists for Kids & Adults [PDF]

Charades is probably among the most played family get-together game. And why wouldn’t it be? For starters, it does not require any additional set up, teaming up is fun and easy, doesn’t restrict to just a certain age group, and probably the best entertainment among beer buddies. There are literally endless possibilities to include in your session of charades. Have you watched the video with Adults guessing movie titles with food charades? Exactly what we talking about!

But even the best of the game will turn monotonous if there is a repetition of the same concept. New words, categories, and phrases should keep on coming in order to keep entertaining the players. Sure, you can come up with the words on your own but wouldn’t it be awesome if none of the players have any idea of the content? Well, we are here to provide you exactly that.

We’ve prepared a printable list of funny, unique, and challenging charade words for kids as well as adults with pdf for absolutely free. Download from the links given below. We’ve also provided you with a DIY template if you want to write your own categories and words to add more fun to the game.

Free Printable Charades Word Lists for Kids & Adults [PDF] funny and unique
Free Printable Charades Word Lists for Kids & Adults [PDF] funny and unique
Free Printable Charades Word Lists for Kids & Adults [PDF] funny and unique
Free Printable Charades Word Lists for Kids & Adults [PDF] funny and unique

How to play Charades?

For all the newbies out there who still don’t know. Charades is the word guessing game where players act and guess the given clue, word, or phrase. It’s completely on the person on how he/she would act out the word, while the rest of the group guesses. Usually, players prefer acting out each syllable of the word or phrase in order. Even though there is no standard set of rules but in order to make it fun, entertaining, and challenging, it is recommended to play with some time rules and, etc. Here is a step by step instructions to follow for a perfect charade game:

  1. Carry a pen and paper to keep track of the scores
  2. Make a list of words and phrases. You can use our printable charades list of words template from the above-given links
  3. Decide teams if there is a large group playing. Otherwise, you can play in a group where one person acts and the rest of the group guesses.
  4. Decide which team to start. You can use a coin to toss.
  5. The word to be given is decided by someone who isn’t playing for any team.
  6. It’s up to the acting team to decide who among them will act out the clue. It is recommended to give equal chance to each player in the team and group.
  7. Set the time limit to 30 secs or 1 minute.
  8. If the team successfully guesses the word, they score a point. If not, the turn goes to the opposing team for the same word. The next turn for the new word will also be of the opposing team even if they already received the turn and guessed the word of the other team correctly.
  9. The first team to reach 20 points will win.
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How to use our printable charades word lists?

We have divided our printable list into categories. Each category has 6 words for the game. Users are advised to take the print out of the charades list pdf.

You can further cut out the template in card shape following the dashed boundaries of each category rounded rectangle. Now we have flashcards-type category cards with 6 words in each.

If you have already used all of our cards. You can download, print, and use our DIY template and write your own preferred categories and words on it.

Hand over these cards to a common person to decide which category and word to start with. The players can mutually decide if a category will be mentioned before starting the game or not.

What’s Next?

In the future, We’ll be updating the above-given game template. More fun and unique template on the Charades words list will be added with more challenging ideas. Stay tuned for the updates to this post.

We, at PrintablesHub, aim to deliver well-researched and engaging worksheets, charts, and templates on regular basis. Our mission is to let students build a strong foundation of concepts learned through our printables. We would love to hear back any feedback from our users. You can subscribe to our newsletter for daily updates on new printables published or keep visiting our site as we post regularly.

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