Free Printable Pictionary Words & Category Cards [PDF]

Often it happens that users while playing Pictionary board game, yearn for having something different from what is provided to them in the original set. At times, they find the given game cards too monotonous; or at others, they find the clues too easy for their skills or understanding level. 

So, what to do when the given game cards cease to appeal to you? What if you are provided with the game cards that complement your groups’ learning dynamics or expertise? If these thoughts have compelled you to think about newer game cards for Pictionary, our collection of extra game cards can be a great solution. Our game cards can help you keep this game’s charisma alive and provide an optimal challenging feel that sometimes goes missing in the original collection included in the game.

If you’re looking for extra cards to add more fun to your Pictionary session with family, We’re glad to provide you with free printable Pictionary Words and Categories cards with pdf below. DIY cards template also provided for you to make words and categories of your own.

Free Printable Pictionary Words  Cards [PDF]
Free Printable Pictionary Words  Cards [PDF]
Free Printable Pictionary Words  Cards [PDF]

Free Printable DIY Pictionary Words  Cards [PDF] Category Colored
Free Printable DIY Pictionary Words  Cards [PDF]

Free Printable Pictionary categories  Cards [PDF]
Free Printable DIY Pictionary Categories  Cards [PDF] Colored
Free Printable DIY Pictionary Categories  Cards [PDF]

How to use our printable Pictionary cards pdf?

You can use our game cards in both traditional and DIY ways. 

For those who want to employ these cards in traditional gameplay, the cards can be added to their existing set. We have color-coded the cards the same way it is found in the original Pictionary set. 

The purpose of introducing extra cards is just to ensure that the gameplay does not become monotonous. With new cards having different words to use, you can add a unique flavor to the game. 

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What have we provided in extra game cards?

We have researched extensively to create game cards to bring you new words. Also, we have offered the provision to create and color-code custom or unique categories through DIY categories template as per your understanding of the groups’ mental prowess. 

You will find with us printables like:

  • Printable Word Cards: Supplement the existing set with new words to give a fresh workout to the brain and to challenge the groups with something unexpected.
  • Category cards: We have designed category cards too to help you keep your stock filled always.
  • DIY template: You can make the Pictionary game more customized by using the DIY game cards template. Write the words or categories of your choice in the empty slots provided and create your unique version of the Pictionary board game.

How to play Pictionary?

The traditional gameplay of the Pictionary board game involves the following steps:

  • Players divide themselves into teams. All teams are provided with papers and pens. A one-minute timer is placed aside the Pictionary board. 
  • All teams roll the dice. The one with the highest total gets to start the game. The first option mandatorily is All Play.
  • One game card is drawn from the drawer. All teams have their respective picturists who see the picture and start drawing within 5 seconds of looking at the picture. As soon as five seconds are up, the timer is set to one minute. In one minute, the teams’ picturists must draw the picture and the members should guess the word correctly.
  • The team that guesses the word correctly gets to roll the die next and move that many spaces on the board as indicated by the number received on rolled die. 
  • Next time, when the team fails to guess correctly, they pass the die to the team to their left, and the process continues till one of the teams reach the finish line. The team that reaches the finish line first wins the game.
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Ran out of cards…..?

Pictionary board game is suitable for both adult and kid players. When you run out of choice for choosing game cards, you can employ our printable versions available here. 

Our game cards are designed to deliver advantages, such as:

  • These can help maintain novelty in the game
  • You can include the words choices according to the teams’ skill levels
  • You can select the game cards as per the chosen difficulty level
  • Our game cards offer newer alternatives and more interesting pictures to draw and let others guess.
  • In the empty black and white game cards, you can pick even the category colors and create your unique version of the Pictionary board game.

Factors to keep in mind while creating printable pictionary word lists

When creating printable Pictionary word lists, there are a few key points to keep in mind:

  1. Skill Level and Theme:
    • Consider the skill level of the players participating in the game. Are they beginners, experienced players, or a mix?
    • Tailor the word lists to match the skill level of the players to keep the game challenging yet enjoyable for everyone.
    • Additionally, if there is a specific theme for the event or party, incorporate words that align with the theme to add an extra layer of fun and cohesion to the game.
  2. Balance of Challenge:
    • Strike a balance when selecting words—avoid choosing words that are too easy or overly obscure.
    • Aim for words that require some creative interpretation and drawing but can still be guessed within a reasonable time frame.
    • Test out the words yourself to ensure they offer a fair challenge without being overly frustrating.
  3. Word Idea Brainstorming:
    • Utilize various sources to gather word ideas. Online resources, such as word generators or themed word lists, can be valuable for inspiration.
    • Explore books, magazines, movies, or even personal experiences for word suggestions that fit the desired categories.
    • Encourage input from others to diversify the word choices and create a well-rounded word list.
  4. Categorization for Organization:
    • Organize the word lists by categories to make it easier for players to choose words during the game.
    • Popular categories include Animals, Movies, Actions, Objects, and more. Tailor the categories to suit the preferences of the players or the theme of the event.
    • Ensure each category has a sufficient number of words to allow for variety and flexibility during gameplay.
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By considering the skill level, incorporating a theme, balancing challenge, brainstorming word ideas, and organizing the word lists into categories

Wrapping up,

Pictionary free printable game cards help enhance the engagement level of this game. With our game cards to add, you will never run out of choices. Also, you can mold the game to complement the skill level of the teams participating in the game.

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