Free Printable Blank Gift Certificate Templates [PDF Included]

To enhance the art of gifting and provide you with a tool for creating memorable moments, we’ve designed free printable blank gift certificate templates. We’re excited to share them with you today, and they are just a click away.

These templates offer a unique blend of convenience and flexibility, ensuring that your gift certificates are not only special but also tailored to your specific needs. Simply follow the link provided in this post to access the free PDF templates and start crafting your perfect gift certificates.

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Understanding the design of the templates (Type 1)

Let us understand the elements of the first template in detail so that it gets easier for you to customize our templates for any of your special occasions without difficulties.

Free Printable Blank Gift Certificate Templates
Free Printable Blank Gift Certificate Templates
Free Printable Blank Gift Certificate Templates

1. Template Design:

Our first type of template features three beautifully designed gift certificate templates. These templates come with spaces for crucial details, such as the recipient’s name (To), the sender’s name (From), the certificate’s value in dollars ($), and the expiration date (Expires). The design radiates sophistication, making it suitable for various occasions.

2. Ease of Use:

These pre-designed templates are user-friendly and easy to customize. They provide a quick and straightforward way to create personalized gift certificates within minutes. Whether you’re pressed for time or prefer a ready-made solution, these templates have you covered. They’re perfect for last-minute gifts that don’t compromise on quality.

Blank Gift Certificate Templates (Type 2)

Free Printable Blank Gift Certificate Templates
Free Printable Blank Gift Certificate Templates

1. Flexibility and Customization:

Type 2 contains three entirely blank gift certificate templates. These templates offer the ultimate flexibility to tailor your certificates to specific needs and occasions. Whether you want to create a certificate for a birthday, a holiday, or a corporate event, these blank templates can be adapted to match your vision.

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2. Recommended Elements:

While the blank templates offer limitless possibilities, we recommend including essential elements like To, From, and the occasion for the gift certificate. This ensures that your certificate effectively conveys its purpose. Here are some tips on designing a personalized gift certificate using these blank templates:

  • Begin by adding the recipient’s name (To) and your name (From) to establish the sender and receiver.
  • Include a brief description or occasion for the certificate, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or a simple thank-you gesture.
  • Specify the certificate’s value in dollars ($).
  • Optionally, add an expiration date (Expires) to set a timeframe for its use.

How Gift Certificates Encourage Productivity at Work

Gift certificates aren’t limited to personal use; they can also have a significant impact in the workplace. Employers can leverage them as a powerful tool to recognize and motivate employees, leading to several key benefits:

  • Performance Acknowledgment: Gift certificates serve as tangible tokens of appreciation. When employees receive them for outstanding performance, it not only acknowledges their hard work but also highlights their specific contributions to the company’s success.
  • Boosting Morale: A well-timed gift certificate can do wonders for morale. It can turn a challenging week or a difficult project into a positive experience. Knowing that their efforts are recognized and valued can significantly boost employee morale.
  • Motivation and Goal Setting: Gift certificates can be tied to performance targets or goals. This creates a clear incentive for employees to excel in their roles. Whether it’s achieving sales targets, meeting project deadlines, or consistently demonstrating teamwork, employees have a tangible reward to strive for.
  • Fostering a Culture of Excellence: When gift certificates are used as part of a structured recognition program, they contribute to a culture of excellence within the organization. Employees are inspired to consistently perform at their best to earn these rewards, which, in turn, benefits the company as a whole.
  • Peer Recognition: In addition to employer recognition, gift certificates can also facilitate peer recognition programs. Colleagues can nominate and reward each other for acts of kindness, collaboration, or going above and beyond their responsibilities. This promotes teamwork and a sense of community within the workplace.
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By integrating gift certificates into your workplace recognition strategy, you not only motivate your employees but also create an environment where excellence is celebrated and where everyone has the opportunity to shine. The impact of this recognition extends far beyond the moment the certificate is received, contributing to the long-term success and productivity of your organization.

A Few Downloading and Printing Instructions

  1. Accessing the Templates: It is very easy to get access to our free printable gift certificate templates. Scroll down to find the link below, then click on it to download the PDF file. 
  1. Printing Guidance: For optimal results, we recommend using high-quality paper or cardstock when printing your gift certificates. Additionally, please note that the printable sheets are designed in dimensions of 1000px width by 1500px height. Adjust your printer settings accordingly to ensure that the colors and design come out crisp and vibrant

Ideas for Using Gift Certificates

With these versatile templates in your hands, the gifting possibilities are endless. Here are some ideas for using gift certificates:

  • Birthday or anniversary gifts
  • Employee recognition and rewards
  • Holiday presents
  • Special occasions like weddings or baby showers
  • Acts of kindness and gratitude


In this blog post, we have covered two types of templates: pre-designed ones for convenience and blank ones for ultimate customization. Use either of the two templates to suffice your gifting needs. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, recognizing a colleague’s hard work, or simply spreading joy, our gift certificates can adapt to all of them!

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