Free Printable Blank Brackets Templates [PDF Included]

A “Blank Brackets Template” is like a chart used for organizing or displaying different things in a structured way, often in a tournament or competition. In simpler terms, it’s a tool that helps you set up and manage contests or games, like in sports or other events. So, it is a free, ready-to-use chart that you can fill in for your own competitions or tournaments.

The good news is we’re providing not one but two templates that are versatile, user-friendly, and ready to bring your events to the next level. Plus, they’re just a click away for easy download and use.

Understanding Our Templates

We have curated two amazing templates for you. Before you decide on the one you are going to proceed with, let us shed some light on each of the two. 

Template 1 -The 8-Team Blank Bracket: 

Free Printable Blank Brackets Template
  1. This template is designed for smaller-scale competitions or rounds, and can comfortably accommodate up to 8 teams or players.
  2. It is ideal for sports events, gaming competitions, office showdowns, and more. Whether it’s a casual sports day with friends or a tightly contested office ping-pong battle, this template has you covered.

Template 2 – The 16-Team Blank Bracket with a Finalist Showdown:

Free Printable Blank Brackets Template
  1. The second template is designed for more extensive tournaments. With space for 16 teams or players and an exciting finalist showdown, this template is the perfect fit for larger events.
  2. This template can accommodate a wide range of contestants, be it eSports tournaments, college basketball championships, corporate competitions, and more. This template is all about accommodating a wide range of contestants.

To get a better understanding of this template, we have given a visual preview above. For your convenience, we’ve included a “Download PDF” button that’s just a click away from making it yours.

Expanding Choices: Diverse Blank Brackets Templates to Choose From

Expanding upon the existing collection of Printable Blank Brackets Templates, we’re introducing three new additions with unique layouts. These templates offer a diverse range of bracket designs, providing more options for organizing tournaments, competitions, or events. Unlike the previously available templates, these new layouts offer fresh perspectives and structures, catering to various preferences and needs.

Blank Brackets Templates
Blank Brackets Templates

How to Use the Bracket Templates?

Here is some easy-to-follow guidance, that will help you utilize these templates effectively.

  1. Easy Customization: Both our templates are extremely easy to customize! You can customize these templates to match your specific events, themes, or personal preferences. Whether you want to add team names, logos, or event dates, these templates are adaptable.
  2. Versatility and flexibility: Our templates are beyond sports. You can use them for any event where you think keeping scores is a necessary affair!
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Creativity Knows No Bounds 

With blank bracket templates at your disposal, you’re only limited by your imagination. We encourage you to think beyond traditional sports.

Endless Possibilities: These templates aren’t just for athletic events; they’re versatile enough for cooking contests, talent shows, and more. Imagine using them for an office karaoke competition or a community chili cook-off.

Share Your Success Stories: Speaking of thinking outside the box, we want to hear your success stories. If you’ve organized unique and entertaining competitions using these brackets, share your experiences and inspire others in the comments. Your creativity can spark great ideas in the community!

Organizing the Tournament 

Once you’ve got your brackets ready, it’s time to delve into the nitty-gritty of organizing a successful tournament or competition.

Pro Tips for Organizers: Discover essential steps for successful tournament organization. This includes scheduling, selecting referees or judges, and clarifying rules. A well-organized event ensures a positive experience for participants and spectators.

Bracket Management: Learn how to effectively manage brackets. This includes covering score updation, managing progress, and ensuring the event runs smoothly from start to finish. Proper bracket management keeps everything on track.

Promotion Strategies: You’ve got a fantastic event planned; now, let’s make sure people know about it. Work on strategies for promoting your tournament, attracting a wider audience, and boosting participation. Your event deserves the spotlight!


In conclusion, these free printable blank bracket templates are designed to make your life as an event organizer easier. 

They also make your events more exciting. Whether you’re planning a small-scale office competition or a large-scale college sports championship, these templates have you covered. 

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We wish you the best of luck with your upcoming tournaments and competitions, and we can’t wait to hear about the fantastic events you create with these templates.

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