Free Printable Money Envelope and Vertical Cash Templates [PDF]

Budgeting for the monthly expense requires detailed planning and a lot of discipline. Especially, if you are a spendthrift, you may find it almost an insurmountable feat to limit your expenses. You may find yourself doing several activities, like skipping entertainment or stopping yourself from going out, etc. However, it may still not help.

Hence, it is better to stuff the hard-earned money in an envelope and set the upper limit of expenses. That is why we have designed money envelopes and vertical cash format templates to help you do the process with ease and in style. Download these printable money envelopes and vertical cash templates and have a stylish money manager right in your hands. Pdf version is also available below for free

Free Printable Money Envelope and Vertical Cash Template [PDF]
Free Printable Money Envelope and horizontal Cash Template [PDF]
Free Printable Money Envelope and Vertical Cash Template [PDF]
Free Printable Money Envelope and horizontal Cash Template [PDF]
Free Printable Money Envelope and Vertical Cash Template [PDF]
Free Printable Money Envelope and horizontal Cash Template [PDF]

Why do you need money envelope printables?

Have you started thinking not to do things close to the heart due to budget constraints of late? Good News is that you may not require doing any of it if you have maintained your expenses records. Some of the best reasons why you need money and vertical cash templates are:

  • Assign monthly expense limit and keep only that much amount in envelope
  • Make note of all expenses made
  • Assess and realize the points of expenditure that can be avoided or are completely unnecessary by referring to vertical cash template’s entries
  • Find ways that can help understand priorities and assign available money to them.

Things to know about vertical cash and money envelope printable template

As you are aware the cash envelope system is a visual tracker that allows you to manage expenses wisely, we intend to help you further with basic facts about these templates:

  • Pick all templates and assign these various overheads; it is a wise way to organize your finances and knowing about the most demanding areas of your life.
  • It is advisable to keep these envelopes in an easily accessible place. The idea is not to deny yourself the basic necessities, but to learn to exercise control.
  • Types of overheads you can use as labels for money envelopes are: Kids school expenses, Clothes, Groceries, Travel, Entertainment and Fun, Health, etc. Thus, you can have a complete expense structure planned in advance.
  • The start of the month when you get all income earned in hand is the right time to start using the money envelopes and vertical cash templates.
  • Once the month is over, take money from all envelopes to find the scope for creating funds and deposits for saving.
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Situations when printable money envelopes can be your best support

Using vertical cash and money envelope templates is an idea that may strike your mind at any time. However, the process holds more importance especially when:

  • You plan to make a big investment like buying a property
  • Starting or expanding family
  • Managing a disease that is likely to take a lot of money
  • You need to finance kids’ higher education
  • Upgrade lifestyle sustainably

How to categorize money envelopes?

Making money envelopes helps organize expenses with sincerity and discipline. With practice, we all understand the size of expenses that we make under various overheads. Thus, by choosing the correct expenditure priorities and assigning the appropriate amounts, it becomes easier to avoid a cash crunch. Keeping with this fact, here are some labels you can consider putting on printable money envelopes with vertical cash templates pasted on them.

  • Rentals – If you are living in rented apartment, it can be one of the must-use labels
  • Insurance – Medical, life and vehicle insurance can be covered in this label
  • Fee – School fee etc
  • Medical fee – Doctor consultation, home care expenses etc.
  • Travel – Touring and gas-related expenses
  • Entertainment – Expenses for trip to movie theaters, etc.
  • Grocery – Food, vegetable and dairy expenses

Wrapping up,

Making life easier can become a cakewalk when you have mastered the art of managing money. Learning need not come the hard way by taking lessons from mistakes only; it can be an outcome of intelligent planning in advance too. You are sure to find our printable money envelopes the best fit for your financial planning needs. So, share with us how our vertical templates for tracking cash expenses improved your finance flow.

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What’s next?

In the future, We’ll be updating the above-given template and educational charts. More fun and unique templates of the Money Envelopes will be added with more challenging ideas. Stay tuned for the updates to this post.

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