Free Printable Blank Christmas Wish List Templates [PDF Also Included]

With Christmas just around the corner, the anticipation and joy of gift-giving and feeling the warmth of being with family and friends is growing. There are many traditions that are a part of Christmas and people follow them to this date to ensure that no stone is left unturned in enjoying the festival. 

One such tradition is gift-giving. While unwrapping presents has its own share of fun, creating a Christmas wish list and getting a gift or two out of those is equally joyful. With a Christmas gift list at hand, you can easily shop for your loved ones without having to go batty! 

To add an extra touch of holiday magic to your wish list, we’ve compiled a guide to using Christmas wish list templates. In this article, we’ll explore three beautiful templates and provide tips and insights to make your holiday wishes come true.

Understanding Our Templates

The myth associated with the Christmas wish list is that it is only for kids. But we are here to burst the bubble. We have curated three templates, keeping in mind that people of all ages can have their own Christmas wish list. 

Template I – The Classic Black and White Template

Free Printable Blank Christmas Wish List Template

Our first template is a timeless classic, and is titled ‘Christmas List.’ It is black and white themed and has a very minimalist look. It has plain borders on three sides and the fourth side (the bottom) is adorned with presents and gifts.

This template is a perfect choice for those who appreciate simplicity and nostalgia. Its minimalist design does not compromise on capturing timeless charm and sophistication. Use this template to jot down your wishes in a straightforward and classic style.

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Template II – Vibrant Red and Festive Template

Free Printable Blank Christmas Wish List Template what i want theme

The second template is quite vibrant and peppy! It has a thick and sparkly red border,  that gives you a total Christmas vibe! The border is adorned with images of reindeer, snowmen, Christmas trees, and presents.

The central area is designated for you to write down your desired list of Christmas gifts. It is titled “Christmas List – What I Want.” This template brings in the vibe of playfulness and adds the element of fun to your wish list. It is a perfect choice for those who want their holiday dreams to come alive with a burst of color and merriment.

Template III – The Kid-Friendly Template

Free Printable Blank Christmas Wish List Template for kids

Our third template is designed for the little ones in your life, or for the young at heart. It is titled “Christmas Wish List for Kids.” This template has colorful elements at its border such as trees, bells, and other festive symbols.

The space in between consists of alternating pink and green bars where your children can list their Christmas wishes. It is a child-friendly design that will surely ignite the imagination of kids and make their holiday season even more enchanting.

Benefits of Using Christmas Wish List Templates

While all three of our templates are visually appealing, their real beauty lies in the benefits they bring to the table. Let us discuss some of them:

  • Organization: Our wish list templates help you structure your desires in accordance to the theme of Christmas and make it easier for others to choose the perfect gift for you. 
  • Personalization: Feel free to customize the list to your unique tastes and style, so that it truly reflects your personality and style!
  • Stress Reduction: When you have a wish list handy, it reduces stress for both you and your loved ones, because you know what to gift them, and they know they will surely like your gift! 
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A Guide To Fill Out Your Christmas Wish List

Here is a simple step-by-step guide, following which you will be able to make the most of your Christmas wish list: 

  • Brainstorm Your Wishes: Take some time to brainstorm and think of things you would like as a present. You can add a mix of specific items, a heartfelt experience, or something intangible.
  • Prioritize: Always prioritize your desired gifts and list them in the order starting from the most wanted gift to the least. In this way, your gift-givers understand your preferences better.
  • Share Your List: Lastly, it is necessary to share your Christmas wish list with your family and friends. Do not shy away from doing that, because only then will the gift-givers understand your preferences. 
  • Mention the specifications: If your Christmas wish list consists of gadgets, make sure to list down its specifications like color, model, etc so that you are not disappointed. 

How To Share Your Christmas Wish List

As exciting as creating a Christmas list can get, you can use creative and unique ways to share them with your family and friends. You can share them via email or social media or just create a physical copy for a more personal touch. You could also organize a treasure hunt, except that the treasure is on your Christmas wish list. 

As in the case of kids, you can engage them in a creative process like crafting a handmade list or even sending it to Santa Claus.

Christmas Wish List Etiquette

While creating Christmas wish lists can be a fun process that follows a renowned tradition, it is necessary to be mindful while approaching them with courtesy and respect. Follow these etiquette guidelines:

  • Ensure that your Christmas wish list is realistic. Be considerate of the budgets and make sure your list is not very extravagant.
  • Remember this is a tradition aimed at bringing you close to your loved ones on the joyous occasion of Christmas. So, be humble and polite while communicating your wishes.
  • Express gratitude when you receive the gifts. Be thankful and appreciate the gift-giver from the bottom of your heart. 
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Christmas brings in lots of laughter and memories with your loved ones. The tradition of gift-giving forms one part of this holiday season and ensures that it is done respectfully. Besides, you can use our Christmas wish list templates and hand them out to your loved ones so they can come up with a list of their desired presents. 

Utilise the tips we have provided in this article to ensure that you make the most out of these templates. Remember, you have to keep the list realistic and you have to be considerate about the budget. 

As the holiday season is just around the corner, go ahead and download these templates, personalize your list, and embrace the spirit of giving and receiving this Christmas.

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