Free Printable Bingo Cards 1-90 [PDF]

Bingo is a perfect game for teaching tots number picking skills. If you are a mom, call out your other mom pals, open up a few bottles of Rosé and invite them over for a game of Bingo. Booze and Bingo on a lively evening is a no-brainer combination like nachos with extra guac. 

We at Printables Hub have turned your favorite childhood game into a more colorful and easily accessible design template. You can download the pdf absolutely free from the link given below. Simply use the printed cards for your party. Don’t worry if all your cards get used. We have included extra cards in an event of some unexpected guests or if you want to play more (we don’t blame you, Bingo is FUN!).

Free Printable Bingo Cards 1-90 [PDF]
Free Printable Bingo Cards 1-90 [PDF]
Free Printable Bingo Cards 1-90 [PDF]
Free Printable Bingo Cards 1-90 [PDF]
Free Printable Bingo Cards 1-90 [PDF]

How to Play Bingo 1-90?

Ps: It’s extremely simple, don’t worry.

For all the newcomers out there, read this instruction carefully to understand the game. Bingo is a game of chance that uses numbers from 1-90. These numbers are randomly printed on the cards. You have to punch your numbers out or simply dab it with a marker pen when the number is pronounced by the ‘caller’. This ‘caller’ cannot participate in the game. He/She announces numbers from 1-90 in a random fashion.

Note: A number should not be repeated twice in the whole game.

There are various combinations that you might play with. Some popular types are:

  1.   One-line
  2.   Two lines
  3.   Full house

In one line you will win if you scratch out any 5 numbers on your card. In Two lines you will win if you could scratch numbers from two lines. For full house, all the numbers should be scratched for you to win. This combination focuses on horizontal lines. You can jazz up the combinations or rules according to your need but the basic concept remains the same.

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Step one: Assemble your players and decide who wants to be the caller. Rest can sit with their pens, markers, or dabbers at a table.

Step two: Distribute your printable cards to all the people.

Step three: Ask the caller to start the games and start scribbling if the number they called matches the number that is printed in your cards.

Step four: Look for the patterns like one line, two lines, or full house and claim your prize.

Step five: Enjoy the game and make memories!

How to use our printable Bingo play cards?

Our free printable pdf comes with 20plus colorful Bingo cards with 1-90 numbers each. You can simply download the cards from the link and print them at your home.

They will come out as sheets with markings, you can cut along the markings to make them look attractive.

Play sincerely or try disturbing others to win! We have also provided few extra cards if the given set gets finished. Now you and your company can have endless fun! 

What’s Next?

In the future, We’ll be updating the above-given game printable. More fun and unique template on the Bingo Cards 1-90 will be added with more challenging ideas. Stay tuned for the updates to this post.

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