Printable Blank Fill the Jars Templates [PDF Included]

The idea of using jars for capturing memories, expressing gratitude, or visualizing goals is a familiar one, but how about using the same jars concept on paper where the visual image of the jar is filled with colors, pencils, texts, and many more?

Sound interesting?

Well, this is where “blank fill the jars” templates come into play.

These templates are like simple drawings of jars that can be used for many different creative projects. You can use them to express your thoughts, feelings, and goals by filling in the jar outlines. The simple design is helpful because it lets you tell your own story as you reflect and progress through various aspects of your life.

Utilizing these Fill the Jars Templates can be a mindful practice in different facets and areas of life. So, let’s discover them in the following sections and explore different printable templates as a straightforward yet effective tool for self-expression.

What is the Idea Behind the ‘Fill the Jars’ Concept?

The blank outline of a jar serves as a poignant symbol of potential and progression. At its core, the empty jar signifies a canvas waiting to be filled, embodying the idea that regardless of the purpose for which the template is employed, the journey begins with an empty vessel. 

As you use these templates, filling the jar slowly represents making progress and achieving things. It doesn’t matter if you’re working on something personal, learning, or being creative—the things you put in the jar show the journey towards a goal, memories you’ve made, or ideas you’ve developed. Filling the jar is like growing and changing, turning something empty into something full with the results of your efforts and creativity. So, the empty jar outline is a way to visually show how personal, educational, and creative pursuits can change and grow over time.

Capturing Moments, Goals, and More: Exploring Blank Fill the Jars Templates

There are three practical ‘Blank Fill The Jars Templates’ designed to cater to various needs and preferences. These templates, while seemingly simple, serve as practical and effective tools for anyone looking to visually capture and monitor progress in various aspects of their lives.

Template 1: This template features 6 blank jars, each accompanied by a label below. It serves as a versatile tool for a range of purposes. Users can name each jar, representing a specific area or goal, and gradually fill it as progress is made in that particular endeavor. Whether it’s tracking personal achievements, cultivating habits, or simply capturing memories, Template 1 provides a straightforward yet effective way to visually represent progress.

Printable Blank Fill the Jars Template

Template 2: Similar to Template 1, Template 2 extends the functionality with 12 blank jars, each accompanied by a label. This template offers an expanded canvas for those with multiple goals or projects. Users can designate each jar for a distinct purpose, allowing for more comprehensive tracking and visualization of progress over time. The simplicity of the design ensures easy adaptability to diverse personal, educational, or creative pursuits.

Printable Blank Fill the Jars Template

Template 3: For those seeking a more focused approach, Template 3 presents a single, large-sized jar on the entire sheet. This jar comes with blank lines, both inside and outside the jar, providing users with ample space to write and document their thoughts, reflections, or goals. The lines outside the jar offer additional room for notes or details, offering a customizable format for more extensive content. This template is particularly effective for those who prefer a centralized and spacious layout for their visual representations.

Printable Blank Fill the Jars Template

What are the Creative Ways to Use ‘Fill the Jars’ Templates?

“Fill the jars” templates offer a canvas for creativity, allowing individuals to explore various artistic and imaginative endeavors. Here are creative ways to use these templates:

  • Decorative Jar Labels: Use the jar template to design custom labels for jars or containers. Add personal touches like colors, patterns, and illustrations to make labels for kitchen storage or homemade products.
  • Personalized Gift Tags: Customize the jar template to create unique and personalized gift tags. Add names, special messages, or themed visuals to make your gifts extra special.
  • Coloring Book Jars: Create a jar template for coloring. Print multiple copies and experiment with different color schemes and artistic styles.
  • Paper Crafting Projects: Utilize the jar template for paper crafting projects. Cut out the jar outline and use it as a base for pop-up cards, scrapbooking, or other paper crafts.
  • Seasonal and Holiday Crafts: Customize the jar template to fit different seasons or holidays. Create themed decorations, cards, or crafts by adapting the jar design to the occasion.
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Importance In Educational Use

“Fill the jars” templates can be valuable tools for educational purposes, engaging students in interactive and creative learning activities. Here are different ways to use these templates in an educational context:

  • Counting Collections Jars:

Objective: Develop counting skills and number recognition.

Activity: Label the jars with specific numbers and kids have to draw anything like circles or hearts in the jars as per the number labeled for that particular jar. This can be done otherwise too, that is, the educator can draw certain objects in the jars and kids have to count and write the answer in the label section given below each jar.

  • Sorting Shapes and Colors:

Objective: Enhance sorting skills and reinforce knowledge of shapes and colors.

Activity: Label the jars with different shapes and colors. Students can cut out shapes or use colored markers to sort and place the items in the correct jars, then write the names of the shapes or colors.

  • Addition Story Problems: 

Objective: Reinforce addition skills through real-life scenarios.

Activity: Craft a template with jars labeled as different scenarios (e.g., “Apples in the Orchard”). Students create addition story problems by writing the number of items in each jar and then adding them together to find the total. The other way to do this activity is that the educator can draw the different items in different jars and frame a word problem around that to which the kids can count and calculate the right answer. 

  • Money Management Jars:

Objective: Teach financial literacy and basic arithmetic with money.

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Activity: Create jars labeled with different expenses or savings goals. Students practice counting and adding money by writing the amounts in each jar, and simulating real-world financial scenarios.

  • Timeline Jars:

Objective: Illustrate and understand the chronological order of historical events.

Activity: Customize the jars with labels representing different historical periods or events. Instruct students to research and write brief descriptions of each event, arranging them in chronological order within the jars. This activity provides a visual representation of historical timelines, allowing students to grasp the sequence of events and understand historical contexts.

How About Personal Use?

Printable “fill the jars” templates offer a visually engaging and interactive way to track progress, manage emotions, and cultivate self-awareness. Unlike traditional jar methods, these printable templates rely on coloring to represent various aspects of your personal life. Here’s how you can use them:

  1. Gratitude Jars:

Purpose: Cultivate an attitude of gratitude by reflecting on positive experiences and aspects of your life.

How to Use: Choose a color that represents gratitude (e.g., yellow for sunshine, green for growth). Each day, think of something you’re grateful for and color a small section of the jar using your chosen color. As the jar fills with color, you’ll be visually reminded of the good things in your life.

  1. Goal Setting Jars:

Purpose: Visualize and track your progress towards personal goals.

How to Use: Divide the jar into sections, each representing a milestone or step towards your goal. Assign a different color to each milestone. As you complete each step, color the corresponding section of the jar. This visually depicts your progress and keeps you motivated.

  1. Emotional Wellness Jars:

Purpose: Identify, acknowledge, and manage your emotions in a healthy way.

How to Use: Assign different colors to represent various emotions (e.g., blue for calmness, red for anger, yellow for happiness). Throughout the day, when you experience a specific emotion, color a part of the jar using the corresponding color. This helps visualize your emotional patterns and can assist in developing coping mechanisms.

  1. Daily Habit Tracker:
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Purpose: Develop and maintain positive daily routines.

How to Use: Divide the jar into sections representing days of the week or the month. Each section can be dedicated to a specific habit you want to track (e.g., exercise, meditation, journaling). Choose a color to represent sticking to the habit and another for missing it. Color the corresponding section based on your daily performance, creating a visual representation of your consistency.

  1. Jars of Insecurities and Jars of Fears:

Purpose: Acknowledge and address personal insecurities or fears in a safe and introspective space.

How to Use: Use different shades of the same color to represent the intensity of your insecurities or fears. The darker the shade, the stronger the feeling. Color the jar sections with these shades, reflecting your current state. As you work on overcoming these challenges, gradually use lighter shades to represent progress and self-acceptance.

  1. “How Much You Like What” Jars:

Purpose: Gain self-awareness by evaluating your preferences and dislikes.

How to Use: Designate two sections of the jar, one labeled “Like” and the other “Dislike.” Throughout the day, reflect on activities, situations, or things you encounter. Choose a color to represent positive experiences (“Like”) and another for negative ones (“Dislike”). Color the corresponding sections of the jar based on your experiences. This can provide insights into your personal preferences and help you make more conscious choices. This can be done for different characters in a series or a movie. Give the names of characters to different jars and color the jars as per your liking towards that character.

  1. Jars of Problems:

Purpose: Brainstorm and track solutions to various challenges.

How to Use: Choose a color to represent the problem. Color the jar initially using this color. As you brainstorm potential solutions, create different sections within the jar and assign a different color to each solution. This allows you to visually track options and choose the most effective one.

Wrapping Up

These printable ‘Blank Fill the Jars Templates’ are a straightforward yet powerful means for personal reflection. Whether tracking gratitude, visualizing goals, or understanding emotions, the simplicity of color-filled jars provides a tangible record of personal progress. From daily habits to overcoming fears, each jar becomes a unique canvas for self-awareness. Start filling those jars with your unique colors, creating a visual tapestry that evolves with your experiences and reflections.

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