Free Printable Tip Chart Templates [PDF]

Tipping is more of etiquette than a legal obligation, but not at all places in the US. Several countries of the United States have come up with mandatory payouts as tips that a few employees deserve. Some of the employees that earn more from tips than wages are bartenders, waiters, servers at buffets, etc. So, how to find if you are not over or underpaying as a tip? Well, our free printable tip chart templates can help.

You can have this tip chart printed and displayed at appropriate places in the restaurants, bars, or gas stations for the customers’ convenience. Pdf format is also provided for free download. Have a look:

Free Printable Tip Chart Templates [PDF]
Free Printable Tip Chart Templates [PDF]

Making tipping easy with tip chart

We have designed these tip charts to help you have quick overview of tip payable against the amounts ranging from 1 to 99 units. Our tips charts are classified as:

  • 15% tip chart: Why bug yourself up calculating 15% of the amount of the bill amount generated? Our 15% tip chart allows you to have savory meal at cafes and restaurants where this standard rate is applicable.
  • 20% tip chart: Knowing 20% of the bill amount becomes super easy with our 20% tip chart. This tip chart help have rewarding experience at full service restaurants where this tip rate is applied.

Tipping Etiquette: Things to know

It is worth knowing that tips are not subject to negotiation. Also, irrespective of the level of service, tipping is mandatory. Mostly, you need to tip at restaurants and cafes, and the tip should not be less than 15% of the total bill.

Various services which require you to pay tips are:

  • Waiting at restaurant tables
  • Bartending
  • Baby-sitting, etc.

Tips amounts to pay to various service providers

The Law of the State stipulates how much tip should be paid as a minimum. However, there is no upper limit. It is entirely the service buyers’ choice how generous they want to be while paying tips. Let’s take a look at the minimum amounts applicable for various services.

  • At a bar: Usually, $1 and $2 are good amounts to leave as tip for a beer and a cocktail respectively. But, when you order a snack too, the rate of 20% becomes applicable.
  • For taxi-service: While using a tax service, 15-20% per taxi ride is the rate applicable. In case of rideshares, flat amount of $2 applies.
  • Hair and Nail Salon: 15% minimum tip amount should be paid to the attendant at a hair and nail salon.
  • Coat and bag check counter: $1 per coat check and $2 for checking a larger bag
  • Food delivery agent: The food delivery person’s acceptable tip ranges from $3 to $5 per delivery.
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Above-mentioned are a few most commonly used services where our tip rate card can help you make payment fairly.

Additional Tips for Tipping Etiquette

Tipping etiquette can vary slightly depending on the service industry and location. Here are some additional tips to keep in mind when it comes to tipping:

  1. Be aware of local customs: Tipping practices can differ from country to country. If you’re traveling abroad, familiarize yourself with the tipping customs of the destination to ensure you’re tipping appropriately.
  2. Consider the quality of service: While tip percentages are often used as a guideline, it’s important to factor in the quality of service you received. If the service exceeded your expectations, consider leaving a higher tip to show appreciation.
  3. Take note of included gratuities: Some establishments automatically include a gratuity charge in the bill, especially for larger groups. Before tipping extra, double-check the bill to avoid tipping twice.
  4. Acknowledge other service staff: In certain service industries like restaurants, it’s common for tips to be shared among the staff. If you’ve received exceptional service from other employees, such as the bartender or hostess, consider leaving a separate tip for them as well.
  5. Tip based on the full amount: When calculating the tip, base it on the pre-tax total or the full amount of the service. This ensures that the tip reflects the overall value of the service provided.
  6. Cash vs. credit card tips: While credit card tips are convenient, keep in mind that cash tips are often preferred by service industry workers. If possible, consider leaving a cash tip directly to the server to ensure they receive it immediately.
  7. Be discreet when tipping: When handing over a tip, do so discreetly to maintain privacy and avoid potential awkwardness. Fold the money or place it in an envelope if needed.
  8. Express gratitude: Tipping is not just about the monetary value but also about showing appreciation for the service received. Along with the tip, offer a genuine thank-you to the service provider to acknowledge their efforts.
  9. Feedback is valuable too: If you had an exceptional experience, consider leaving positive feedback or reviews for the establishment or service provider. This can contribute to their professional growth and recognition.
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Handling exceptional service and when to tip above the standard amount

Handling exceptional service is a wonderful opportunity to express your appreciation and recognize the outstanding efforts of the service provider. Here’s some advice on when and how to tip above the standard amount:

  1. Assess the level of service: Exceptional service goes above and beyond the norm. Consider the overall experience, attentiveness, personalized attention, and any special gestures or accommodations provided by the service provider.
  2. Evaluate the impact: Think about how the exceptional service made a difference to your experience. Did it significantly enhance your satisfaction or exceed your expectations? Did it create a memorable moment or add value to the service?
  3. Reflect on your budget: While tipping above the standard amount is a generous gesture, it’s important to consider your budget and financial capacity. Determine an amount that feels comfortable and appropriate for you based on the level of service received.
  4. Consider percentage-based or flat amount: You can choose to tip above the standard percentage (e.g., 20% or 25%) or opt for a specific flat amount that reflects your appreciation. Both approaches are acceptable, so decide which method aligns better with your preferences.
  5. Communicate your appreciation: Along with the tip, express your gratitude directly to the service provider. Offer specific feedback about the aspects of their service that impressed you. This personal acknowledgment can make the tipping experience even more meaningful.
  6. Be discreet with your gesture: Just as with standard tipping, it’s best to discreetly provide the additional tip. Fold the cash or place it in an envelope, and hand it to the service provider privately. Avoid drawing attention to the act of tipping to maintain professionalism and respect.
  7. Leave a positive review: In addition to tipping, consider leaving a positive review or feedback for the establishment or service provider. Share your exceptional experience, mentioning the specific actions or qualities that stood out. This can contribute to their professional reputation and growth.
  8. Spread the word: If you receive exceptional service, consider recommending the service provider or establishment to friends, family, or colleagues. Positive word-of-mouth can help them gain recognition and attract more customers.
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Tips are the additional source of income for the staff that is the front face of a service-providing business. These tips complement the low wages earned. At times, tips may even exceed the wages. To enforce the labor laws fairly, authorities pre-define the tips rates. Save the time calculating the amount with our tips rate card printable and manage to create a decent impression at the service provider’s place.

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