Free Printable Thermometer Goal Chart Template [PDF]

“Begin with the end in mind.” – Steven Covey

This simple yet profound quote beautifully sums up the importance of having a goal in sight. What can be the best representation of your journey to the goal or a target? Our suggestion is something that records your success not digitally but graphically. One such goal achievement chart that we have prepared is the printable thermometer goal chart.

What is a thermometer goal chart?

We all are conversant with a thermometer in which mercury rises slowly with the rise in temperature. The same concept can be applied to the measurement of achievement level by using our printable thermometer goal chart. Using this chart, team leaders can make a full-blown speech to inspire the team to stay strong on the progress path, without saying even a single word! Wow, what a time-saving manner to lay the goals for the day!

Take a look at these performance indicators developed in the form of a thermometer goal chart PDF as displayed below. You can download and save in the device or print and hang them on the target boards as required:

Free Printable Thermometer Goal Chart Template [PDF]

Importance of thermometer goal chart

Graphical presentations of the project’s progress allow people to stay with the goal every minute. A discrete start and end don’t create that profound a connection with the journey.

Some low phases or troughs where motivation tends to weaken are always a part of a project. Recognition of those phases is important too. Thus, the thermometer goal chart printable PDF serves as an effective tool that displays gradual progress and helps doers savour the whole process.

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Smart uses of thermometer goal chart

A thermometer goal chart PDF free printable idea was mostly in vogue among the fund-raisers. The crowdfunding companies and NGOs or charity work experts mostly employed these thermometer goal charts to motivate people to donate more to help them reach their fundraising target. Percentage showed how much more was required to pitch in to lead the cause to success.

However, this idea has now moved to several spheres of life. The most fitting uses of the thermometer goal PDF chart are:

  • Classroom decor: Teachers may hang the thermometer goal posters in the classroom and motivate children to pursue the targets by displaying them in the goal chart.
  • Kids room decor: Parents can inspire kids to achieve certain targets, such as completion of a task by a set date, or learning of some skill (reading or writing) by the end of a chosen period, etc. Little grown-up kids can motivate themselves by hanging these thermometer goal charts in their front at their study tables. Keeping an eye on the goal helps ward off distractions.
  • Office material: Get the thermometer goal chart printed and hung at the team’s work area to encourage timely submission of the project. This chart can help keep all team members on the same page, and to work with a common goal in mind. It helps bring better cohesion in the project completion process.
  • Community working: Let’s take an example where people want to make a team of volunteers. They can set a target of ‘men needed for the job’ and keep raising the achievement level on the thermometer goal chart as and when people come forward and register.
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Advantages of using thermometer goal chart PDF

One thing that emerges as an obvious outcome from the points above is – use of the chart as a motivating tool. We can sum up its advantages as:

  • Motivate self/others: Using thermometer goal chart PDFs, you can motivate yourself to stay on the path to the target. The feeling of achievement and fulfillment that creeps at the moment the tracker touches 100% tells all about the participants’ feelings.
  • Progress gauge: Keeping track of the progress to the target is as important as the target itself. If people tend to deviate from the path or lose sight of the goal, they can be brought back on track with this performance gauge tool.
  • Unbiased planning: Thermometer goal chart serves as a no-nonsense tool for planning the work. You can express in a very discrete manner to the team what you expect and where they stand. Thus, there is no scope or space left for unwanted discussions and arguments; it can reflect in the shape of better team productivity.

Wrapping up,

Moving people to a project target with a positive mindset becomes possible when you involve them deeply in the process. By employing performance tracking solutions like thermometer goal charts, you can get the job done with the least friction and better determination.

What’s next?

In the future, We’ll be updating the above-given template and educational charts. More fun and unique templates of Thermometer Goal Charts will be added with more challenging ideas. Stay tuned for the updates to this post.

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