Free Printable (24, 50, 72, 80, 100, 120, 150, 168) Blank Color Swatch Chart Template [PDF]

Colors fill our life with joy and bliss. Imagine what would a swatch chart do to you, if you are someone who is into art and collecting various colors, picking out color combinations, and keeping track of which all colors you own. People into art, students, fashion designers, advertisers, all of us, sometimes or the other need swatch charts in our life.

In this post, we bring to you a free printable blank color swatch chart templates that consists of 100, 120, and 150 blank blocks which you can use to color and create your own swatch collection. Pdf format is also available below for download.

All you need to do is just download, print, and start swatching!

Free Printable 24 Blank Color Swatch Chart Template [PDF]
Free Printable 24 Blank Color Swatch Chart Template [PDF]
Free Printable 50 Blank Color Swatch Chart Template [PDF]
Free Printable 72 Blank Color Swatch Chart Template [PDF]
Free Printable 80 Blank Color Swatch Chart Template [PDF]
Free Printable 80 Blank Color Swatch Chart Template [PDF]
Free Printable 100 Blank Color Swatch Chart Template [PDF]
Free Printable 100 Blank Color Swatch Chart Template [PDF]
Free Printable 120 Blank Color Swatch Chart Template [PDF]
Free Printable 150 Blank Color Swatch Chart Template [PDF]
Free Printable 150 Blank Color Swatch Chart Template [PDF]
Free Printable 168 Blank Color Swatch Chart Template [PDF]

This free printable consists of 7 swatch sheets for the user who wishes to splurge and spend their time trying new colors and testing color combinations. The sheets consist of 24, 72, 80, 100, 120, 150, and 168 blank swatches each.

All the swatches on all the seven charts have some space, one on the side of the blank swatch, and one below to mention the details of the color.

Best use of our blank color swatch chart pdf

Anyone and everyone can use the 100, 120, 150 blank color swatch chart. Art beginners can use these swatch charts to create a visual presentation of the colors they own. They can also use it to differentiate between different colors which look exactly the same but are actually different.

Fashion designers, interior designers, and other designers who love to play around with colors can use these swatch charts to create an assemblage of colors for their and their clients’ reference.

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Stylists can use these free printable swatch charts in a very innovative way. They can use one single blank swatch to create a color combination which they think would look dapper together.

Other than this, anyone who is creative at heart and uses color as therapy can print these 100,120,150 blank color swatch charts. This will help them remember which colors they own or have owned in the past, and they can instantly recollect by looking at the colors in the chart. This saves up a lot of time, too, as the user does not have to swatch the colors every time.

How to use?

Artists, designers, and other creative people can use these blank color swatch charts as blending charts as well to check which colors blend well.

They can also create combinations in one blank swatch to check which two colors complement one another. These charts are precious as they create a visual reference of what colors you own. Moreover, while searching for the perfect color in your palette, you don’t have to always swatch colors, just swatch them all once in these charts, and you are done for a long time. As of now, you just have to go back to them and pick out the color from your stash.

How to print?

Our blank color swatch chart templates are made compatible with all devices. You can download them on the device of your choice. Should you want to print these puzzles, you can take the following steps:

  • Click the download button given with the PDF files
  • Click print/save by selecting the option you receive by right clicking the mouse or touchpad. Use commands – Ctrl + P on Windows and Command + P for Mac to print these charts
  • Select A4 size for best result
  • Preview that final look is visible completely on the dimensions of your choice. You may use ‘Fit To Paper’ to avoid any unnecessary cropping.
  • Press ‘Print’.
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Tips for Getting the Most Out of Color Swatch Charts

  1. Organize by Color Families: Arrange your color swatch charts by color families or color groups to make it easier to find and compare specific shades. This organization method allows for quick color referencing and helps in creating cohesive color palettes.
  2. Labeling and Notation: Use a consistent labeling system to identify each color swatch. You can assign numbers, letters, or color names to the swatches, enabling you to quickly identify and communicate specific colors. Additionally, consider adding notation for the color’s RGB or CMYK values, hex codes, or any other relevant color information.
  3. Test Different Color Combinations: One of the advantages of color swatch charts is the ability to experiment with various color combinations. Use the charts to explore complementary, analogous, or triadic color schemes. Play around with different hues, shades, and tints to see how they interact and create visual impact.
  4. Mix and Blend Colors: If you work with paints or digital color tools, utilize the blank spaces on the swatch charts to mix and blend colors. This allows you to create custom shades and gradients that can be replicated in your artwork or design projects.
  5. Consider Lighting and Context: Keep in mind that colors can appear differently under different lighting conditions. When using color swatch charts, take into account the lighting conditions of the environment where your artwork or design will be displayed. This consideration ensures that your chosen colors will look consistent and harmonious in their intended context.
  6. Update and Expand: As you discover new colors or refine your preferences, don’t hesitate to update and expand your color swatch charts. Add new swatches, remove ones that are no longer relevant, and keep your collection up to date. This practice will ensure that you have an accurate and comprehensive color resource at your disposal.
  7. Use Color Swatches as Reference in Design Software: If you work with design software, such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, utilize the color swatches as a reference when selecting colors for your projects. Create a custom color palette within the software using the swatch chart’s colors to maintain consistency across your designs.
  8. Share and Collaborate: If you’re working in a team or collaborating with others, share your color swatch charts to ensure everyone is on the same page. By providing a visual reference, you can facilitate effective communication and maintain consistency in color choices throughout the project.
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Summing up,

This Free Printable Blank Color Swatch Chart Template PDF is great for all individuals struggling with their colors daily. This will help you identify what colors there are in your collection and help creative professionals immensely. So, just download, print, and start swatching and creating!

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