Free Printable Snakes and Ladders 1-100 [PDF] + Blank Template

If you are oblivion to the charms of a classic adolescence game of Snakes and Ladder with a surplus Printables twist, consider yourself being told. As miserable as it has been circling back to the same old dusty board, with shades of bold colors, wrathful between being succumbed or fease up to a world-class finish, its sheer luck and, dare we mention, “boring.”

While in the context, we did our part and came to the rescue to put you out of your doldrums and added a modern spike of taste to your old chum snake and Ladder with our in-house designed 1-100 snake and Ladder printable. The good word is you can download the pdf version for free with a click and use it for your good. Along with the Classic personalized Snakes and Ladders telltale, we also have one complete editable blank version that will let you put your demons in the game instead of the snakes. And to what end you may ask? Till the time is served.

Free Printable Snakes and Ladders 1-100 [PDF]
Free Printable Snakes and Ladders 1-100 [PDF] Blank Template

How to play Snakes and Ladders?

You can play the game of luck as you may provide you set the rules beforehand. Little updates here just for the information: the Snakes and Ladders tap their way back to ancient India or Jambudvipa as it was known back then.

Coming back to our Snakes and Ladder Printables, it has 100 grids with 10 on each row and column.

  1. There can be 2-4 players. If you are not the sharing type, you can do role-playing of more than one player and enjoy it alone.
  2. Each player has to start from the very first grid; no diplomatic influence will be considered.
  3. Call for a lucky number that will open your way into the game after you roll the dice. For example, let’s take the number to be “1”, player 1 rolls the dice, and it’s a “5”, player 2 rolls it a “1”, then player 2 will start climbing the grids, and until player 1 gets “1” he or she won’t be able to start.
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It gets pretty simple from here on,

  1. Assuming both the players enter the game and start climbing the grid, they keep on rolling and climbing; if one player stops at the foot of the ladder, they will climb up the ladder and get a progression. If they stop at the snake’s head, then the player would move down to its tail and continue to roll the dice and repeat the process.
  2. The first player to make it to the final grid wins.

How to use our Snakes and Ladders 1-100 Printables?

Word in the town is as much as we love the classic rendezvous with the classic game night, it doesn’t hurt to fill the table with something personal. Imagine how cool it would be if, instead of snakes, there is a depiction of your favorite villain from your favorite series? Or even better, how about you raid the next slumber party with the picture of the mean bully you hate? I can feel the fun down to my spines already. You will be the next “party essential” as we speak. So how do we do it?

  1. You can either download and print out the already done printable and start playing the game.
  2. Or you can download the blank printable that we offer and make it personalized according to your will.
  3. There is another way; if you want, we can make your version of the printable. All you need to do is get in touch with us via our contact page.

Benefits of a blank snakes and ladders template

While pre-designed snakes and ladders boards are readily available, a blank template offers a unique opportunity to create a customized game tailored to your preferences. It serves as a canvas for your imagination and allows you to design a snakes and ladders game that suits your specific needs.

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The beauty of a blank template lies in its versatility. It opens up a world of possibilities for creating unique game experiences. Whether you want to teach children about a specific topic, reinforce learning concepts, or simply add a personal touch to the game, a blank template provides the freedom to do so. It enables you to customize the game according to your desired difficulty level, theme, or educational goals.

Unique ideas for customizing the blank snakes and ladders game template

The blank template offers an opportunity to create a snakes and ladders game that aligns with your interests, educational goals, or thematic preferences. Let your creativity soar and think of innovative ways to customize the game. Some of the creative ways are given below:

  1. Space-themed game: Replace the traditional snakes and ladders with rockets and shooting stars. Players can climb aboard rockets and slide down shooting stars.
  2. Pirates-themed game: Transform the snakes into treacherous sea creatures, and the ladders into ropes leading to pirate treasures.
  3. Animals-themed game: Introduce animal characters as the snakes and ladders, with players climbing the backs of friendly animals and sliding down the tails of mischievous ones.

Wrapping up,

Whether you choose the pre-designed 1-100 version or opt for the blank template to unleash your creativity, these resources provide endless opportunities for fun and personalized gameplay. By downloading the PDF or using the blank template, you can enjoy a customized snakes and ladders experience that suits your p

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