Free Printable Daily Health Journal Template [PDF]

Maintaining good health needs conscious efforts. The element of consciousness comes into practice when you have a daily record to refer to. This daily record is nothing but a health journal or a health diary. Users can record various vital health parameters such as body temperature, blood sugar level, diet characteristics, etc. When you require constant monitoring of the health parameters, journaling proves to be a good practice.

We have seen nurses and caretakers maintaining the health record of indoor patients at hospitals. Usually, they use disease-specific templates, such as templates for diabetes, stroke, blood pressure, etc. The same practice can be continued at home as a part of the self-assessment procedure.

When does maintaining a printable health journal help?

Many times, we fail to pay attention to our health needs. This gap in understanding becomes more glaring when it takes a toll on health. By maintaining a printable health journal, a person can make a conscious effort towards bringing health to the right track.

One of the most common fascinations of a person is to lose weight. The health journal can help understand the structure of diet and water intake throughout the day. With this information in hand, the user can understand the areas of improvement.

At the time of recuperating from a surgery, you can understand the state of your body’s functions by maintaining a health diary.

Types of parameters you can note in health journals

A health journal serves as an informal record of your overall well-being. It serves as reliable reference material for the doctor as well as yourself.

A few of the essential parameters you can note in the health journal templates are:

  • Water intake: Make an hour-wise record of water intake. It allows you to consciously increase fluid intake. Mostly, when you have recovered from a stone removal surgery, or want to get rid of mild kidney infections or urine infection, you can ensure ample water intake by making targets with health journal.
  • Food intake: When on a diet, the users of health journals can jot down foods consumed at different mealtimes. It may help find overall daily calorie consumption.
  • Blood sugar levels: Diabetic patients can jot down the foods eaten and blood sugar levels at different hours of the day. It helps find which foods contribute to increase in blood sugar levels. By replacing the foods with less sugary ones, the users can monitor change.
  • Stress levels and moods: Mental health screening is also an important monitoring procedure, especially for the patients of depression. By recording the moods and stress levels at different times of the day, the patients can understand the pattern and infer the type of disorder they are facing.
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Check Free printable daily health journal template pdf here

To ease the health record maintenance process, we have designed the templates for daily health journal. Check out the free printable PDF template useful for recording general, daily health statistics:

Free Printable Daily Health Journal Template [PDF]

How to make health record maintenance a habit

Don’t expect yourself to be precise and regular in maintaining a daily health general template right from day one. It takes time to make recording health parameters a habit. A few of the following tips may help you.

  • Keep the caretaker or doctor in the loop: Consult the caretaker or your doctor on how to go about maintaining a daily health journal. The doctors can help you fill the statistics from health reports and caretake can assist in updating those regularly.
  • Record as simply as possible: Try to avoid overdoing the practice. Simply fix times of the day and record the actions then only. It helps keep the brain fairy disengaged and less worried. Also, record only the things you need to focus upon. Keeping track of each and every aspect of a daily routine may become overwhelming.
  • Use the most suitably applicable health tracker: Understand the purpose of maintaining the health journal first. If it is to recover from the ailment, or to maintain a lifstyle disease, choose the tracker relevantly. For example, regular check-up requirement will need an appointment tracker and not a diet planner. So, understand the difference among various trackers and choose accordingly.


Health should always be one’s priority. It does require a disciplined approach to stay healthy and happy. Journaling helps become disciplined and regular with the health improvement plans. So, make it a habit to journal your food habits, sleep cycle, health appointments, etc., and give yourself all the attention you deserve. In this endeavor, our free printable daily health journal PDF template will surely help!

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