Free Printable List Of US States Abbreviation [PDF]

School is a fun place to be, as this is where children learn and grow their knowledge. However, there is no denying that as children keep going to bigger classes, the load of their studies too increases, especially when they have to learn new things and mug up certain topics. Just like while learning the USA states names, it becomes a little too much when they need to learn the abbreviations too, doesn’t it?

So in this post, we have come up with a free printable list of USA states abbreviations that students can download, print, and keep with them handy for whenever they forget some abbreviation or whenever they wish to revise these short forms.

Free Printable List Of US States Abbreviation [PDF]

What’s included in this states abbreviation list printable?

When it comes to learning the abbreviated forms of 50 states, learning all the 50, and retaining them becomes a challenging task. But, this printable will rescue you from this plight. This is because it consists of the abbreviated form of the 50 states in the USA, which the student can keep handy for whenever they want it for reference.

This printable would be highly beneficial for students who are in the process of learning the names of the states and their abbreviated forms. Higher-class students who identify the states on the map and need to mark the state on the map itself can also use this printable. They can just keep it for reference purposes so that whenever they forget an abbreviation, they can go back to this printable to check the short form of the state.

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Where to use this list printable pdf?

Often, students need to use abbreviations, as something like this could be a part of their curriculum. They might have to use these abbreviations while distinguishing between the states in a geographical map of the USA, where they just cannot mention or write the full names of the states.

For this very purpose, teachers and parents can also download it, print it, and hand it over to the kids to make the job easier.

People who are avid letter writers, and believe in this traditional and old yet gold way of communicating and expressing, must have a sheet of this free printable ready and handy with them, as it helps them with the abbreviated form of the US States.

Moreover, people working at post offices too can keep a sheet of this printable handy for whenever they need a reference to the abbreviated forms of the US States.

How to print?

To print this printable, just click on the download button, and you will see that the file is saved on your computer as a PDF file. This can now be printed by just clicking on the printer icon. You can also click the CTRL+P if you are a windows user. If you use Mac, you can press Command+P.

Doing so will open up the print dialog box. Here, you need to scale the printable according to what fits best on the paper. In our opinion, these should be printed on A4 sheets. Select A4 in the paper size option, and Fit to paper in scale.

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Clicking OK after this will print your printable.

Additional Tips for Memorizing US States Abbreviations

Memorizing the abbreviations of all 50 US states can be a challenging task, but with a few helpful techniques, you can make the process easier and more enjoyable. Here are some additional tips to aid in memorizing US states abbreviations:

  1. Create Mnemonics: Mnemonic devices can be incredibly effective for memorization. Associate each state’s abbreviation with a memorable word or phrase that represents it. For example, “Arizona (AZ)” could be remembered as “A to Z,” indicating the entire alphabet.
  2. Visualize Associations: Visual imagery can help you remember things more vividly. For each state, imagine an object or scene that represents both the state and its abbreviation. For instance, you might picture a “California (CA)” beach scene with a surfer catching a wave.
  3. Grouping by Regions: Divide the states into regions and study them in smaller groups. This approach can help you remember the abbreviations based on their geographical proximity. For example, focus on memorizing the abbreviations of all the states in the Northeast region first before moving on to other regions.
  4. Create Flashcards: Write the state names on one side of a flashcard and the corresponding abbreviations on the other. Shuffle the cards and practice flipping them to test your knowledge. Repeat this exercise regularly to reinforce your memory.
  5. Use Online Quizzes and Games: There are numerous online resources that offer interactive quizzes and games specifically designed to help you learn and memorize US states abbreviations. These engaging activities can make the learning process more enjoyable and effective.
  6. Practice Spelling Bees: Challenge yourself or invite friends to participate in spelling bees using the state abbreviations. Take turns spelling out the abbreviations, and if someone makes a mistake, they are eliminated. This activity adds an element of competition and fun to the learning process.
  7. Apply the Abbreviations: Look for opportunities to apply the abbreviations in your daily life. When reading addresses or encountering state names in written or verbal communication, try to identify the corresponding abbreviations. The more you practice using the abbreviations actively, the more easily you’ll remember them.
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Summing Up,

Remembering the abbreviated forms of all 50 US states is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some time or the other, you might end up forgetting some of the state’s abbreviated forms. For those times, you can always keep such a printable handy, which will help you with the short forms instantly. So, just download, print, and get using.

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