Free Printable Blank Bookmark Templates [PDF Included]

Bookmarks are avid companions of readers. Whether you want to use it to take a pause in your reading journey or simply want to have it as an eye-catching tool within the pages of your books, it fits the bill! Our collection of Printable Bookmark Templates is free. You can also customize them as you want to, which is why they are also blank!

What’s included?

We have designed our templates such that they are a convenience for those who want to use them. Following are the descriptions of each of our templates:

 There are two sheets, and each sheet contains six carefully crafted bookmarks. So that gives you twelve amazing bookmarks at your disposal. 

Free Printable Blank Bookmark Templates
  • There are three distinct variations of bookmarks on each sheet, duplicated twice for added variety. 
  • You have the freedom to choose from minimalist designs, elegant styles, or whimsical and unique templates.
  • These bookmarks serve as a blank canvas for your creativity. Feel free to experiment with colors, styles, and designs and personalize them with your favorite quotes, notes, or reminders.
  • The opportunity to personalize bookmarks with your favorite quotes, notes, or reminders.
  • There is also a special bookmark design on the second sheet which features a dotted rectangle, giving you added customization options.

Dotted Rectangle for Customization

Free Printable Blank Bookmark Templates

As mentioned, the second sheet has a special bookmark design featuring a dotted rectangle. It provides a neat, organized space for writing, doodling, or adding personal touches. 

You can also use it to jot down your thoughts, make annotations, highlight important passages, or even create a checklist while you read.

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Diversify Your Collection: Bonus Blank Bookmark Options

Introducing additional blank bookmark templates to complement our existing collection. These bonus templates provide a clean and versatile design, offering users more options to personalize their bookmarks. Whether for work, study, or leisure, these simple yet functional templates cater to diverse preferences, enhancing the bookmarking experience.

Free Printable Blank Bookmark Templates
Free Printable Blank Bookmark Templates
Free Printable Blank Bookmark Templates
Free Printable Blank Bookmark Templates

How to Get Your Printable Bookmark Templates? 

Want to get your own set of these absolutely amazing and customizable bookmarks? Just click on the link below to download them, and you will have them downloaded as PDF. Simply print this PDF and cut out the bookmark by following the cutting lines. Your bookmarks are ready!

Wrapping up!

These Printable Bookmark Templates come handy for your reading experience, giving it a personalized touch. Whether you’re using them for your own books or gifting them to fellow bookworms, these bookmarks are sure to bring a touch of creativity to your reading routine. 

So, go ahead, download your templates, and let your imagination run wild. Your next favorite bookmark awaits!

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