Printable List of Old English Fonts On Canva

Old English fonts, with their spiky characters and classic feel, seem to be popping up everywhere lately. Maybe you’ve seen them on vintage-inspired packaging or on invitations to a themed party. 

Whatever the reason, there’s a renewed interest in these fonts that capture the spirit of times gone by. The decorative and historical old English fonts add a touch of sophistication and intrigue to any project.

But with so many cute fonts and aesthetic fonts available on Canva, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. To make your design process smoother, we’ve created printable lists of some of the best Old English fonts on Canva. These easy-to-reference lists will help you find the perfect font to match your design vision, all at your fingertips.

Key Characteristics And Distinguishing Features Of Old English Fonts

By understanding the fonts and their unique features, you can easily identify Old English fonts and choose the one that best suits your design needs. Here are the key characteristics and distinguishing features of Old English Fonts:

  1. Highly Decorative: Old English fonts, also known as Blackletter fonts, have a strong calligraphic influence. They often feature intricate details, flourishes, and thick strokes that resemble hand-drawn lettering.
  2. Low Stroke Contrast: Unlike many modern fonts with sharp transitions between thick and thin strokes, Old English fonts have a more uniform stroke weight. This creates a bolder, more unified look.
  3. Distinctive Serifs: The serifs (small decorative lines at the ends of strokes) on Old English fonts are typically elaborate and pronounced. They can be pointed, wedge-shaped, or even curled, adding to the decorative nature of the font.
  4. Angular Shapes: The letterforms themselves tend to be more angular than modern fonts. This can make them appear a bit spiky or sharp-edged, contributing to their historical feel.
  5. Tight Letter Spacing: Compared to modern fonts, Old English fonts often have characters placed closer together. This dense spacing reinforces the handwritten aesthetic and can sometimes affect readability.
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Printable Lists of Old English Fonts on Canva

To streamline your search for the perfect Old English font on Canva, we’ve created two distinct printable lists! These lists focus on fonts ideal for those seeking a classic and timeless Old English aesthetic. 

These selective fonts offer a more unique and creative take on the Old English style. You’ll find fonts with a range of feels, from classic and elegant to playful and quirky. These lists might be perfect if you need a specific look for your project and want more options to choose from.

Old English Fonts On Canva
Old English Fonts On Canva

No matter which list you choose, you’ll have a great starting point for finding the perfect Old English font to bring a touch of history and character to your designs. So, explore the spectrum of Old English fonts available on Canva with these lists and add a distinctive flair to your designs.

Utilizing Old English Fonts Effectively In Various Design Projects

Old English fonts, with their decorative flourishes and historical charm, can add a powerful punch to your designs. But wielding this unique style requires a touch of finesse. Here’s how to harness the power of Old English fonts and make them shine in your projects:

  1. Limited Doses: Due to their ornate nature, Old English fonts work best in moderation. Use them sparingly, perhaps for headlines, titles, or short bursts of text.
  1. Readability First: Remember, clear communication is key. Opt for fonts with good legibility, especially for larger chunks of text. Consider pairing your Old English font with a cleaner, modern font for body text.
  1. Embrace the Historical Vibe:  Let the font be the star!  When using Old English fonts, lean into the historical or vintage theme. Pair them with imagery or design elements that complement the old-world aesthetic.
  1. Consider Color: Old English fonts can hold their own in bold colors, but they can also look elegant in muted tones. Experiment to find the color combination that best suits your project’s message.
  1. Whitespace is Your Friend:  The dense nature of Old English fonts can feel cluttered. Use ample white space around your text to create a sense of balance and improve readability.
  1. Think Outside the Box: Don’t just limit Old English fonts to traditional applications. Experiment with them for logos, product packaging, or even social media graphics. The unexpected can be surprisingly effective!
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Tips For Pairing Old English Fonts With Complementary Typefaces

Old English fonts, with their historical flair, can elevate your designs. But for maximum impact, consider teaming them up with a complementary typeface. Here are some tips to find the perfect font combinations on Canva:

  1. Classic Contrast:  Play with the contrast between old and new. Pair your Old English font with a clean, modern sans-serif font like Helvetica or Futura. This creates a visually interesting contrast that keeps your design both timeless and contemporary.
  1. Serif Harmony:  For a more unified look, consider a serif font from a different classification. Opt for a classic serif font like Garamond or Georgia. These fonts share the serif feature but offer a cleaner, more readable look, providing a nice balance to the decorative Old English style.
  1. Let One Shine: Remember, the goal is to create harmony, not competition. When pairing fonts, choose one to be the star. Typically, Old English fonts work best as headlines or titles. Let your complementary font take center stage for the body text.
  1. Weight it Out:  Balance the visual weight of your fonts. Old English fonts tend to be bold and dense. Pair them with a lighter-weight font for body text to avoid overwhelming viewers.
  1. Consider the Theme:  Think about the overall message you want to convey. If your design leans towards a historical theme, choose a complementary font with a classic feel. For a more playful project, explore fonts with a touch of whimsy.


Old English fonts offer a unique way to add a touch of history and character to your designs on Canva. Don’t be afraid to experiment! These lists categorize the fonts by the aesthetic they bring, making it easy to find one that aligns with your vision. But remember, the best way to discover the perfect Old English font is to dive in and try them out! So download the lists, browse the options, and see what sparks your creativity.

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