Free Printable Return Gift Tags [PDF Included]

Giving out gifts is a great way to express appreciation, love, and gratitude. It is a cherished tradition that brings joy.

Every gift stands out for its little details and these details are the ones that often make the biggest difference in presenting a gift. One great way to add a tiny detail that will make your gift stand out is to add a touch of charm and personality by adding printable return gift tags.

These tags will enhance the overall presentation and also convey your sentiments effortlessly. In this article, let us explore three different types of printable return gift tags. Depending on the theme of the occasion, you can pick up one of them to elevate your gift-giving experiences.

Understanding Our Templates

Our printable sheet has three rows, with each row belonging to one type of printable return gift tag. Let us begin by exploring each of the three templates in detail. 

Free Printable Return Gift Tags

Style 1 – The ‘Thank You’ Price Tag Tags

In the first row, the printable return gift tags are shaped like price tags. Each bears a simple yet powerful message: “Thank You.”

These tags feature an aesthetic design of flowers and leaves, that make them more than just tags. They are tiny pieces of art. They come with a hole in the top middle, making them versatile.

You can insert a thread or ribbon for hanging. They are great options for events or occasions where gratitude is to be expressed and are suitable for events like a birthday party, a wedding, or a corporate event.

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Style 2: The Vibrant Message Tags

The second row of our printable gift tags is all about adding a personal touch by customizing.

These are vibrant tags and offer you space to write small and cute messages. Vibrant and colorful butterflies adorn the top right and bottom left corners.

There are purple flowers in the top left and bottom right corners. Thus, these tags bring a burst of color and elegance to your presents.

Like the first tag, they also feature a handy hole in the middle top for hanging via ribbons or threads. This makes them a delightful addition to gift baskets or party favors. Whether it’s a heartfelt note or a witty message, you can jot it down in the space provided and add a dash of personalization. 

Style 3: The Space-Themed Hexagonal Tags

The third printable gift tag takes a cosmic turn. It is shaped like an irregular hexagon and reads “With Gratitude”. It is adorned with an elegant space-themed design.

It consists of a spaceship,  bright white clouds, a starry sky, and twinkling stars at the bottom of the tag. It has a hole in the top middle and comes with space for two lines of text.

These tags are a great choice for events with a whimsical or celestial theme. They are a great choice for events and occasions like baby showers, space-themed birthdays, or thank-you gifts with a touch of the extraordinary.

Advantages of Printable Gift Tags

There are numerous advantages of using printable return gift tags. These tags are not beyond just decorative additions to your gifts. They are cost-effective and time-saving.

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They are easily printable and you can print and use them at home. This eliminates the need for expensive and professional printing costs.

You also have the flexibility to customize them to suit your heart’s content. This allows you to match the tags to your event’s theme or your personal style. In today’s world, every detail counts, and these tags give you a winning edge in presentation.

Who Can Benefit From Printable Gift Tags

Our set of printable return gift tags cater to a wide variety of audiences. Anyone who loves adding a personal touch to their gifts will love our printable return gift tags.

Whether you’re an individual planning an event or occasion like a family celebration, or you are an event planner looking to impress your clients, or you are a business aiming to leave a lasting impression on customers, these tags are your go-to options, and the perfect solutions.

From baby showers to weddings, from birthday parties to corporate events, these tags are versatile and cater to a wide audience looking to elevate their gift-giving game.

Printing and Usage Tips

Before you get started, here are some tips that will help in effective printing and usage. To achieve the best and desired results, it is recommended that you use high-quality paper and adjust your printer settings accordingly.

Experiment with different colors and fonts. Decide which of these colors and fonts match your tags and the event theme. When attaching the tags, consider using colorful twines or ribbons that will add an extra pop of style.

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Printable return gift tags are a great way to make your gifts stand out. They are simple yet effective. You can opt for a “Thank You” message, a personalized note, or a space-themed design. Irrespective of which one you choose out of the three, these tags add a touch of uniqueness to your presents. In today’s world, first impressions matter and you do not want to compromise on that.

Using these tags ensures your gifts make a lasting impact. So, the next time you’re preparing for an event, consider using these printable return gift tags to add a dash of charm, style, and personalization to your gifts.

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