Free Printable KWL Chart [PDF] blank + with lines template for students including kindergarten

The ability to inquire lays a strong foundation for meaningful education and helps bring mindfulness to the learning process. Added awareness of what you know, where you lag, and classroom session outcomes boost cognition in the overall learning methods. It is the primary purpose of KWL chart PDFs that we intend to cover in this post. 

‘Why do I need to learn, say Algebra, or for that matter, nouns, pronouns, or Science?’ Time and again, students raise doubts on the utility of subjects in real life, and these innocent questions do point out the glaring gap in awareness while learning.  

Hence, teachers need to resort to teaching interventions that can make the whole learning process meaningful and result-oriented. 

Purpose of KWL Chart

A Printable KWL chart is a handy graphic organizer that moves the students deeper into the learning process and engages them effectively. With KWL charts, they become acutely aware of how their skills-set got enriched after attending a classroom session on the chosen topic.

KWL charts have always been around!

Sorry for starting so abruptly on KWL!  For the uninitiated, KWL stands for K-Known, W-Want to Learn, and L- What I learned. 

A KWL chart is an instructional reading strategy enabler that helps bring organized thinking into the learning process. In 1986, Donna Ogle, a noted professor of reading and language, introduced KWL charts to the world. Since then, these have become vital teaching organizers that prove helpful to students in different grades.

Keeping with the world that has moved to technological interventions in education and teaching, we have designed KWL charts in easily downloadable PDF formats that you can save in your innovative teaching kit solutions. Let’s take a look at the KWL charts which we offer in PDF printables forms, in the styles like empty and with lines:

Free Printable KWL Chart [PDF] blank template for students including kindergarten
Free Printable KWL Chart [PDF] with lines template for students including kindergarten

Who can benefit from KWL charts?

Though designed primarily for kindergarteners, KWL charts can stay with the students at all education levels, whether they are classroom-coached or homeschooled. Emphasizing the use of KWL printable charts at the kindergartener stage is done with the following intended purposes:

  • Make students curious about any topic
  • Cultivate in students the habit of organizing their study process
  • Communicate to the students’ parents about the outcomes of the classes attended by little kindergarteners.
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Some learning process-oriented purposes of KWL charts are:

  • Activate prior learning while approaching the topic in an advanced manner. (Know)
  • Promote thoughtfulness and cognizance in the reading process. (What I need to know)
  • Assess the level of learning achieved. (Learned)

In essence, the printable KWL charts can be seen as a documented record of a classroom session. Typically, small group sizes can benefit from the KWL charts.

Types of KWL charts provided and ways to use

KWL chart ideas have become prolific with time. But, the classics always rule, undoubtedly! That is why we have used two original KW chart ideas that kickstarted the concept of ‘read, think, and strategize learning and record achievement.’ You can find with us:

  • Blank KWL charts 
  • KWL charts with lines

Ways to use our KWL Printable Charts

Blank KWL charts can be employed only for one topic or a single classroom session. 

KWL charts with lines allow you to record a series of topics taught in the curriculum. Teachers can also use this format to include multiple subjects’ learning records cumulatively in one place. 

Don’t know how to write a KWL chart? We’ve got you covered!

‘Can anybody teach me how to use/fill-out a KWL chart in a classroom?’ Often students ask this. You must be thinking about what is so typical about filling it. 

A few challenges appear in a classroom environment: the tendency to copy others, lack of time, and difficulty in summarising thoughts. Listed here are a few easy tips:

  • Write as concisely as possible. For instance, in the K column, write the things you know. In the W column, write new things or the purpose of the class. In the L column, explain your learning. 
  • Fill out under nobody’s influence: Don’t peek in peers’ charts. Fill out the chart with your original ideas. 
  • Do it before and after the class: Before the class starts, filling out the KWL chart can help teachers nudge the students into the learning. And after the completion, it can help learners revisit the purpose, process, and outcomes of the session.
  • Write daily: KWL charts are of great help in assisting the students with special education needs. The teachers may use this chart as a performance record of the students to identify and assess IEP goals’ achievement.
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Wrapping up,

KWL charts, both blank and with lines, can help organize learning and amp up teaching strategies’ effectiveness. It contains three primary goals of teaching tabulated in the simplest possible way. KWL printable PDFs’ adoption as part of the teaching process will surely help build better perspectives towards learning any topic.

What’s next?

In the future, We’ll be updating the above-given template and educational charts. More fun and unique templates of KWL charts will be added with more challenging ideas. Stay tuned for the updates to this post.

We, at PrintablesHub, aim to deliver well-researched and engaging worksheets, charts, and templates on regular basis. Our mission is to let students build a strong foundation of concepts learned through our printables. We would love to hear back any feedback from our users. You can subscribe to our newsletter for daily updates on new printables published or keep visiting our site as we post regularly.

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