Free Printable Essay Writing Outline Blank Templates [PDF Included]

Writing a powerful and compelling essay is an art. With proper structure and organization, one can make his/her essay captivating. Whether you are an experienced writer or a beginner who has just started with his/her essay-writing journey, the use of these printable essay-writing outline templates will definitely help you! 

To cater to a wide range of preferences, we have curated three distinct templates. These templates also cater to people of different age groups, thus making them not only making our templates easy to use but also versatile. So let us begin by understanding each of these templates individually. Having a clear picture of each template will help you make an informed decision while choosing the one that suits your needs.

Understanding Our Templates

Let us explore the offerings of each of the templates one by one.

Template 1: The Versatile Essay Template

Free Printable Essay Writing Outline Blank Template

The first template is suitable for writers irrespective of their levels. It is versatile and is a classic approach to essay writing. 

At the top, there is space to write your name and mention the date. Furthermore, it is divided into the following sections:

  1. The introduction – In this section, you can begin with a brief on the topic of your essay. This is the space where you set the stage for your essay. Clearly and concisely explain the idea and purpose of your writing. 
  2. Body – In this section, you have to elaborate on the main idea of your essay topic. Use relevant details to support your case and argument. 
  3. Counter-arguments – If there exist opposing views or contradictory ideas related to your essay topic, then feel free to address them in this section. You can also choose to leave it blank. 
  4. In this section, summarize your essay by reinforcing some of your main points. 
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Template 2: The Detailed Essay Template

Free Printable Essay Writing Outline Blank Template

The second template offers a more structured way to organize your essay. It is a comprehensive and organized way to approach essay writing. 

Just like the first template, the second template also has space for adding your name and the date on the left and right-hand side of the sheet respectively. Furthermore, it is divided into the following sections:

  1. Introduction – In this section, you have designated spaces to list the ‘hook’ to engage the readers of your essay, ‘background information’ – to provide relevant context, and ‘thesis statement’ – to present the central argument. 
  2. Body – In this section, you can approach essay writing in a structured manner. There are spaces for adding relevant and ‘supporting details’. You can provide upto three main points, each of them supported by around two detailed and relevant arguments. 
  3. Counter-arguments – If there are opposing views to your chosen essay topic, feel free to address them in this section. 
  4. Conclusion – In this section, summarize your key points and share some closing thoughts. You may want to consider leaving a lasting impression on your readers. 

Template 3: Kid-Friendly Essay Template

Free Printable Essay Writing Outline Blank Template for kids

Our third template is suitable for young writers. It offers a simple and engaging approach to essay writing. 

Start by mentioning your name and the date on the top left and top right corners respectively. Furthermore, it is divided into the following sections – 

  1. Introduction – In this section, children can begin by writing an ‘opening statement’. They will also have to fill out the ‘I am going to write about’ section to set the stage for their essay. 
  2. Body – The body section is divided into three sections. Each of these three sections is labeled as ‘first thing’, ‘second thing’, and ‘third thing’ respectively. Each of these sections has space for two supporting ideas that children can list out. 
  3. Conclusion – In this section, children must summarize the essay and give an effective closing statement to their essay. 
  4. Additional space – In the end, there is a designated space where kids can add drawings and pictures relevant to their essays. This will help them express themselves better and more clearly. 
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How to Download and Use The Templates

Following is a step-by-step guide on how you can download the template and put it to its best use. 

  1. Getting started – Downloading the templates

Downloading the template is easy. Simply click on the link, and you should be able to download the template. The formats of these templates are user-friendly, so, it becomes very easy for you to also customize them. 

  1. Fill out the details – Give relevant details

Fill out all the sections one by one. Ensure that everything you mention is relevant to the core idea of your essay. 

  1. Effective usage of the template – The key is customization

Ensure that after you download the template, you customize it as per your requirements. 

Personalize Your Essays

Here are some tips on how you can personalize your essay –

  1. Tailoring the template to suit your style –

Experiment with fonts, colours, and borders. You will get a variety of options that you can choose from. 

  1. Add images and drawings – 

Adding relevant images and drawings will only enhance the visual appeal of your essay template. In fact, it will give you an edge over others!

Wrapping Up!

Our set of three printable essay writing online templates are suitable for writers of all ages and levels. These are a structured approach to essay writing, and offer enhancement when it comes to organizing the main idea and relevant or supporting points. Whether you are a student who wants to excel in his assignments or you are an adult looking to improve your writing skills, these templates got your back!

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