Free Printable Days Of The Week Worksheets For Preschool [PDF] With Answer Key

General awareness is one of the subjects where preschoolers have a limited scope of learning by understanding. They tend to rote memorize, but the process turns futile when they cannot retain the concept for long. Days of the week is one such topic of general awareness where activities help. We have included in this post, engaging days of the week that may help preschoolers who face difficulty in learning the order of weekdays or their spellings.

You can have readymade activity material in your reach anytime as these worksheets are compatible with devices and can be downloaded or printed as per requirement. Here are the printables with pdf:

Free Printable Days Of The Week Worksheets For Preschool  [PDF]
Free Printable Days Of The Week Worksheets For Preschool  Answer Key [PDF]
Free Printable Days Of The Week Worksheets For Preschool  [PDF]
Free Printable Days Of The Week Worksheets For Preschool  Answer Key [PDF]

Making learning fun with multiple activities

We have included in our bundle of worksheets on days of the week topic the following activities. By the way of sorting, arranging, and imitating the cues given, the children can grasp the days of the week better way. Here is a brief introduction to questions based on the days of the week:

  • Arrange and write: It may be a lot to do for a preschooler to memorize the spellings of the week of the day. Often you will find that kids can give oral answers easily. Hence, encourage them to apply their knowledge of order of the days of the week to fill this sheet. Since only job is to arrange and write the weekdays, those with spelling difficulties will not run away from doing this sheet.
  • Cut and paste on the right slot: In this worksheet, the days of the week are represented by numbers 1 to 7. And, the tearable cutouts of the names of the weekdays are provided underneath. Kids can cut these names of the days of the week and paste it on the appropriate number. It helps reinforce the order of the weekdays in kids’ minds.
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Please note that the answer keys are provided along with the worksheets to give an idea about how to solve these worksheets.

Enhance learning outcomes for all with these worksheets

Our worksheets on the days of the week can help enhance learning outcomes for all the students. Whether you homeschool your wards or send them for classroom sessions, these worksheets help in the following ways:

  • Allow kids to remember correct sequence: Days of the week worksheet with answer keys allow kids to practice sequence of the days activity way. You can find considerable improvement in their concept recall when you provide these worksheets for regular practice.
  • Have a readymade assessment tool: These worksheets offer an engaging assessment material minus the pressure that term ‘exam’ creates in kids’ minds. They feel driven to solve these worksheets and gain better proficiency levels eventually.
  • Fuildity in ‘think and apply’ process: Our worksheets on days of the week offer better alternative to regurgitating the names fed to the kids. Since there is an objective to achieve like sort in an order, or place as per the correct number, the kids learn to think and then apply their knowledge.

We have designed these worksheets for….

These days of the week worksheets are designed for preschool-aged children, typically ranging from around 3 to 5 years old. They can be used by various individuals and groups, including:

  1. Preschool Teachers: Teachers can incorporate these worksheets into their lesson plans as a valuable resource to teach and reinforce the concept of the days of the week. They can be used in both classroom settings and virtual learning environments.
  2. Homeschooling Parents: Parents who are homeschooling their preschoolers can utilize these worksheets to supplement their curriculum and provide structured learning experiences at home.
  3. Preschool Learning Centers: Daycare centers, early learning centers, and preschool facilities can incorporate these worksheets into their daily activities to support the curriculum and promote the understanding of the days of the week.
  4. Parents and Caregivers: Parents and caregivers can download and use these worksheets to engage their preschoolers in fun and educational activities at home. They can be used for additional practice, reinforcement, or as part of a structured learning routine.
  5. Tutoring or Supplementary Education Services: Tutors or supplementary education providers can incorporate these worksheets into their teaching materials to reinforce the learning of the days of the week with their students.
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How these worksheets can be incorporated in the curriculum

Incorporating the days of the week worksheets into the curriculum can be a valuable addition to preschool lesson plans. Here are some suggestions on how to integrate these worksheets into the curriculum:

  1. Introduction and Review: Begin by introducing the concept of the days of the week through interactive activities, songs, or a calendar routine. Use the worksheets as a tool to reinforce and review the days of the week covered in class.
  2. Morning Circle Time: Include a dedicated segment during morning circle time to focus on the days of the week. Use the worksheets as a visual aid to engage the children and encourage active participation. This can be done through group activities like matching the days of the week or completing worksheets together.
  3. Learning Centers: Set up learning centers where children can independently or collaboratively engage with the worksheets. Designate a center with the worksheets and provide guidance on how to complete them. This allows children to practice and reinforce their understanding of the days of the week while developing fine motor skills.
  4. Homework or Take-Home Activities: Provide copies of the worksheets as homework or take-home activities for children to practice with their parents or caregivers. Encourage parents to engage in discussions about the days of the week while completing the worksheets at home.
  5. Cross-Curricular Integration: Incorporate the days of the week worksheets into various subjects to reinforce learning. For example, during art class, children can create a craft related to a specific day of the week, and then complete a worksheet that matches the craft activity.
  6. Interactive Games and Activities: Organize interactive games and activities that involve the worksheets. For instance, conduct a scavenger hunt where children search for objects representing different days of the week and mark them on their worksheets.
  7. Assessment and Progress Tracking: Utilize the worksheets as an assessment tool to gauge children’s progress in understanding the days of the week. Review the completed worksheets to identify areas where further instruction may be needed and provide additional support as necessary.
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Wrapping up,

Learning Days of the week names and their correct order need not be stressful always. Solve these worksheets to apply active learning strategy in training kids on concepts of common use. With ample practice, you can experience considerable enhancement in the way kids recall and recite the days of the week in a correct sequence. Share with us how you used these worksheets and the responses you got from preschoolers, it helps us improve in creating more useful printables.

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