Free Printable Blank Ornaments Templates [PDF Included]

As the seasons change and as we hear the sound of rustling leaves in the air and feel a mild dip in temperature, we find ourselves gearing up for the timeless traditions in our lives. These traditions make the season special, and we can see ourselves indulging in the holiday spirit already. One of such many beloved traditions is to decorate our houses with ornaments, a classic masterpiece that carries the holiday essence.

As you read this we open the doors to a world that allows you to unleash your creativity and curate your own holiday magic. Here you will find a set of free printable ornament templates that serve as blank canvases for your imagination. Use them to transform your space in a way that showcases your individuality.

From classic tree decorations to those that are modern and of the moment, these ornaments offer an ocean of possibilities for expressing your personal self and ideas. Be a part as we explore the art of holiday crafting, and let your creativity flourish in the most charming and heartfelt way.

Ornaments and the Spiritual Essence of Christmas

Ornaments encapsulate the essence of  Christmas traditions. Whether it’s the twinkle of ornaments on your tree or the charm of a festive wreath on your door, these tiny, intricately crafted masterpieces are laden with symbolic meaning, making them a celebrated part of the holiday season. 

  1. Heritage and Tradition: Besides being used as small decorative items, ornaments hold a lot of sentimental value preserved over time. Each ornament with its own tale is interwoven in a way that connects us to our forefathers and the many Christmases they had celebrated in their lifetime.
  1. Festive Spirit and Celebration: It’s that time of the year again when decorating the tree with ornaments makes us go down the lane of nostalgia. The joyous sight of twinkling lights and shining ornaments harbors a feeling of togetherness and celebration.
  1. Symbolism and Meaning: Laden with rich symbolism, these ornaments are crafted in different shapes and forms. The evergreen tree, a common backdrop for ornaments, stands as a symbol of hope and vitality channeling the idea of birth and rebirth. Other ornaments such as angels, stars, and crosses reflect the spiritual and religious importance of Christmas.
  1. Personalization and Creativity: Crafting ornaments during the festive season allows one to bring out their personal self. This creative process not only adds an individual approach to the holiday season but also provides an opportunity for families to bond and create everlasting memories, turning the tree into a reflection of the family’s beloved past.
  1. Memories and Nostalgia: These intricately crafted little storehouses of cherished memories date back to a certain time in the past. As we decorate our trees with these ornaments, we find ourselves reminiscing about all the Christmases that went by. We are instantly reminded of our family’s roots and the bond that binds us all together.
  1. Generosity and Gift-Giving: What is Christmas without exchanging gifts? Ornaments often hold a lot of sentimental value and therefore, they make thoughtful and meaningful presents. Sharing ornaments as presents is a way of spreading the holiday sparkle into people’s lives and making them feel a little extra special.
  1. Aesthetics and Ambiance: The tale of Christmas ornaments goes a little beyond their spiritual and religious significance. Their varied shapes, sizes, forms, and shining appeal create a visual treat for the onlookers’ eyes. Their simple addition can transform our mundane spaces into an alluring wonderland and fill the air with joyous spirit.
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A Wonderland of Ornament Designs: Free Templates for Your DIY Holiday Decorations –

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have templates that you can customize to fit your own needs and requirements? Well, our wide variety of free templates at Printables gives you just the right opportunity to showcase your creative self by designing ornaments that will not only adorn your personal space but also add the right amount of festive mood. Let’s catch a sneak peek of the same in detail now :

Template 1: Globe Ornament

Free Printable Blank Ornament Template

Imagine having the charming aura of the famous Christmas “Globe” in the form of a template. A large-sized Globe ornament positioned in a way that gives you enough space to add your own artistic flair to it. You can personalize it with your own choice of colors, patterns, or craftwork. Not only this, but you can also add a glimpse of the world to your holiday decor by creating a unique design inspired by your favorite destinations.

Template 2: Star-Shaped Ornament

Free Printable Blank Ornament Template

Right at the end of the first template, on the second sheet, you will come across the majestic “Star-Shaped Ornament.” The blank outline on this page calls for you to craft a star that reeks of holiday cheer and shines bright like a diamond. Whether you opt for an evergreen golden star or choose to craft one that aligns with your personality, this template gives you just the right amount of freedom to craft a design that twinkles with your imagination and creativity.

Template 3: Heart-Shaped Ornament

Free Printable Blank Ornament Template

The festive vibe all around embodies love at its core. Our next template helps you express the abstract feeling of love through a large-sized heart ornament. What better than having a blank heart outline that allows you to craft your ornament with this sentiment, whether you choose to paint in vivid streaks of traditional reds or add a personal of-the-moment romantic touch?

Template 4: Trio of Mini Ornaments

Free Printable Blank Ornaments Template

The final template is a hidden gem that features a combination of all three ornaments in their miniature shapes. The brevity of their sizes helps it to be represented thrice making them perfect for adorning your holiday decor. You can even choose to accentuate your tree with a perfect amalgamation of the trio: Globe, Star, and Heart.

The Magic of Handmade Ornaments

Nothing captures the real essence of the holiday season like handmade ornaments. This segment tells you why these homemade decorative treasures are truly special and everyone should give it a try.

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A. Personalized Ornaments Are Special: More than capturing the aesthetic vibes of the holiday season, the homemade ornaments bear the imprint of the person who crafted them. Designed with much attention to detail, they create a portal to the depths of your personality and the love that you hold for the season. 

B. Customizing Ornaments to Suit Your Style: From scouting for ornaments in the market or looking for ideas elsewhere, we have often found ourselves designing our own set of holiday ornaments that let us express our personal selves. Each ornament tells a story, be it a traditional nod to the tradition or one that tells our own tale. Our free printable ornament template gives you immeasurable freedom to customize a blank canvas to meet your needs and expectations.

C. Creating Cherished Memories with Loved Ones: Who doesn’t enjoy receiving personalized gifts? Seated around the table sharing anecdotes, this process of making ornaments creates a wonderful bonding experience. More than a DIY process, it’s a tradition in making that can be passed on from one generation to another, making the holiday season even more special.

Decor Ideas: Where to Display Your Ornaments

These free printable templates unleash your creative self and help you transform your mundane spaces into a holiday wonderland. Let’s explore the many different places where you can adorn your holiday decor and create a perfect holiday ambiance.

A. Tree-Trimming Inspiration: With a few tweaks here and there, you can make your tree come alive with the ornaments that you create using our free templates. For this, you need to cut out the ornaments from the sheets of paper using a hole punch and some string or ribbon and place them strategically in a way that they become the focal point of your dazzling tree. 

B. Mantel Magic: Imagine sitting by your fireplace and sipping a cup of hot chocolate while you take a dive into the holiday spirit. Position the large-sized ornaments along the fireplace mantel by either leaning them against the wall or placing them on small easels. The blank outlines of these ornaments can be customized to match your mantel decor and overall theme. You can personalize it further by putting on some fairy lights or adding some greenery to complete the final look.

C. Table Centerpieces and More: Gathered around the sitting area when you are creating memories that will last for a lifetime, don’t leave the table behind. Have you considered cutting the ornaments from the sheet of paper and arranging them in a decorative bowl, or perhaps placing them on each guest’s plate as a charming DIY placeholder for holiday gatherings? You can further master your DIY craftwork by adding some faux snow or small ornaments for an extra touch of magic. Let the artist within you shine.

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More Creative Uses and Tips for Using These Templates

Hey, how else we can use these templates to elevate our holiday experience? Well, we are ready with the answers even before you ponder upon them.

1. Gift Tags with a Personal Touch: Customisation is your secret weapon, and you can downsize these templates to create your unique gift tags. For this extra special approach, you just need to customize each ornament with the recipient’s name or a heartfelt message and attach them to your presents, and you’re all set.

2. Window or Wall Decor: Hang these stunning ornaments by the windows or the walls using a clear fishing line, ribbon, or removable adhesive hooks. Don’t stop yourself from experimenting with various heights and arrangements and spread the holiday cheer in every corner of your space.

3. Advent Calendar: See how incredibly easy it is to create an advent calendar by using our templates. Number each one of the 24 to 25 ornaments you create and hang them in rows on a festive backdrop, Till the countdown to Christmas, open a new ornament every day in December and make it more personalized by adding small treats or thoughtful messages for that special element of surprise. 

4. Themed Party Decor: What better time to reconnect with family and friends than the holiday season? From a wide variety of party themes ranging from winter wonderland to a rustic outdoorsy traditional Christmas look, you can use our templates to create ornaments that match your party theme and set the right tone of festive spirit.

 5. Host a Crafting Party: You can also create a bit of recreation by hosting a crafting party where the artists in everyone come alive and they can create their own ornaments by using these templates.

Wrapping up

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, when everyone’s hearts are a little warmer and more joyous than usual, you can curate your own happiness by crafting your own ornaments. Slightly more than mere decor items, they open the magic portal to your creativity and imagination. Placed in a safe corner of your heart, these ornaments have opened the doors to a lifetime of beloved memories and a tangible expression of love and warmth. As you craft, paint, and create each ornament, our free templates at Printables will be paving the path for the artist within you to roar.

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