Free Printable Blank Fortune Cookies Templates [PDF Included]

As the name suggests, a fortune cookie is a sweet, crisp, and thin cookie. It also contains a small piece of paper enclosed within, that has a message. These messages are often a proverb or a prediction, known as a “fortune.” Fortune cookies are served as a dessert in several restaurants across the globe and are also famous novelty treats in various cuisines. However, that does not limit the use of fortune cookies.

Since Christmas is around the corner, many people may want to add fortune cookies as an item to enhance their parties and feasts. These cute and tiny additions will undoubtedly elevate the fun and thrill of Christmas parties and feasts. 

As a party host, you might not want to compromise on any details of including a ‘fortune’ in a fortune cookie. The fortune readings must be written on tiny rectangular paper cutouts and must be foldable so that they can be wrapped and placed either inside or stuck on the wrapper. So, we are here to help you. We have curated some blank fortune cookie templates that will surely help you in crafting a fortune reading for your fortune cookies. 

Understanding Our Templates

The two templates that we have designed are similar layout-wise but offer distinction in terms of their presentation. We want to make sure that we cater to a number of people, which is why we have provided a black-and-white-themed fortune cookie template and a comparatively vibrant fortune cookie template. 

So, let us get started. 

Template 1 – The Template With Essence of Simplicity 

Free Printable Blank Fortune Cookies Template PDF

Our first template showcases the title with a stroke of purple. It sets the stage for a simple yet impactful design. With 30 rectangular bars neatly organized into two columns, this template offers a clean canvas for concise and direct fortune messages. It is a black-and-white-themed template. All you have to do is, write down the messages with the rectangular bars and carefully cut them out. Voila! They are now ready to be a part of your fortune cookies. 

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Template 2 – The Colorful Fortune Cookie Template

Free Printable Blank Fortune Cookies Template PDF

The second template is quite intriguing and deepens with dual highlights on each rectangular bar. The top left and bottom left sides of the rectangular bars are highlighted in blue, and the top right and bottom right vertices are highlighted in blue. These blue highlights make the rectangular bars stand out. 

Fortune Cookie Etiquette

Fortune cookies are extremely powerful because they are not just tasty treats but also hold the potential of either making or breaking a moment. Hence, it is crucial to understand some of the etiquette surrounding fortune cookies. These etiquettes are the key to ensuring that these delightful surprises enhance rather than disrupt an experience.

1. Distribution Dos and Don’ts

Different settings have different methods of distribution of fortune cookies. Explore all the proper methods for distribution. Discuss considerations for formal events, casual gatherings, and business settings.

2. Message Sensitivity

Ensure that you craft messages appropriate to the occasion. Also, ensure that the messages are age-appropriate.

3. Personal Space and Timing

When presenting fortune cookies to family or close ones, ensure you respect personal space and also value the timing.

4. Fortune Cookie Reading Protocol

Also, guide your audience on whether or not they can share their fortunes with one another. This can totally depend on the type of setting you are in and the type of audience you have. 

5. Fortune Cookie Disposal

One of the most important aspects is how you will choose to dispose of the fortune cookie wrappers. Ensure that you have provided your audience with clear cut instructions on the same. Make sure you have eco-friendly options.

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6. Inclusive Practices

Emphasize the importance of considering dietary restrictions and preferences while baking fortune cookies. Discuss alternatives for those with allergies or specific dietary needs.

7. Cultural Sensitivity

Ensure that you are being culturally sensitive when incorporating fortune cookies. There is a high potential for misinterpretation, so always ensure you are safe and keep ways to avoid disputes handy.

Fortune Cookie Games and Activities

An unknown utilization of fortune cookies is for games and activities. They can add to the fun and enjoyment of any gathering or event. Let us discuss how. 

1. Fortune Cookie Icebreakers

As icebreakers, you could ask participants to share their fortune stories and any memory they have that is associated with fortune telling and fortune cookies.

2. Fortune Cookie Message Guessing Game

Organize a game where participants guess the source or author of a particular fortune. Based on the setting, you could also customize the game to suit the audience. 

3. Fortune Cookie Scavenger Hunt

This is your classic scavenger hunt with a truly unique twist. You can organize a scavenger hunt where participants follow clues hidden in fortune cookies. The best part of this activity is that it can be adapted for different age groups and settings.

4. Fortune Cookie Charades

This gesture game can incorporate fortune cookies as well. You could ask participants to gesture out their fortune cookie messages while the others take a guess.

To make it more interesting, you can restrict or include a certain set of rules. 

5. Fortune Cookie Relay Race

 Create a relay race where participants must perform tasks based on their fortune messages.

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6. Fortune Cookie Art and Craft

Inspire creativity by incorporating fortune cookies into art and craft projects. Provide ideas for making fortune cookie-themed decorations or jewelry.

Fortune Cookies as Memory Keepers:

Fortune cookies are often associated with spontaneous messages of wisdom and insight. Some people like keeping them as a token of cherished mementos. In this exploration of “Fortune Cookies as Memory Keepers,” we delve into the sentimental value these small tokens can carry. 

  • Creating Lasting Impressions with Fortune Messages:

The messages within fortune cookies have the power to imprint themselves on our memories. Carefully crafted and meaningful messages can leave a lasting impression, turning a simple cookie into a vessel of sentiment.

  • Fortune Cookies as Commemorative Keepsakes:

Beyond their use in culinary, fortune cookies are sometimes used as symbols of special occasions. Fortune cookies from memorable events become keepsakes that evoke fond recollections.

  • The Role of Messages in Crafting Unforgettable Memories:

Messages within fortune cookies contribute significantly to the creation of lasting memories. With the right words shared at the right moment, they can become intertwined with the memory of an event, providing a nostalgic link to the past.

Wrapping Up!

Beyond their use in a fortune cookie,  fortune cookie templates hold a sentimental value for some people. They are great souvenirs. Beyond their culinary charm, these cookies capture the essence of special moments and promote mindfulness and positivity. As we embrace fortune cookies not just as treats but as transformative elements in our lives, we discover their ability to leave a lasting impact on our memories and well-being.

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