Free Printable Abraham Lincoln Worksheets [PDF]

“Government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth,” you must remember the legendary figure behind this quote. Yes, we are talking about ‘Abraham Lincoln. The famous American lawyer and politician served as the 16th president of the United States of America in the 1860s.

He is remembered as a hero in U.S. history as he worked diligently for many social issues. So, to understand the mastery and the greatness of Abraham Lincoln, we have come up with free printable Abraham Lincoln worksheets for you to ease your knowledge about the brave contributions of Abraham Lincoln in American history. These worksheets are designed keeping in mind the class curriculum of middle school as well as high school students. Also, this is good starting practice for US history aspirants. Feel free to download the pdf version of the worksheets given below.

Free Printable Abraham Lincoln Worksheets [PDF]
Free Printable Abraham Lincoln Worksheets [PDF]

Types of exercises in Abraham Lincoln printables

These free printable PDF worksheets can be easily downloaded on your devices and include the following exercises to learn and revise the political roles, various events relating to Abraham Lincoln that have an important place in history, and much more. 

  • Explanatory-note writing: The worksheets comprise explanatory note writing questions that help analyze the child’s knowledge about Abraham Lincoln. The child is expected to share their experiences or where personal opinions about the given topic.

  • Event-based writing: Another set of exercises included in our Abraham Lincoln worksheets comprises event-based writings. We have included measures and events like the thirteenth amendment, the Gettysburg address, the battle of Murfreesboro, and the Morrill Tariff.

  • Match the following: This is an enjoyable exercise for all the students out there, wherein they are required to match the following action with the matching dates associated with it. The little ones not only benefit from them by remembering the important dates but also the importance of the actions related to them.

  • Fill in the blanks: This exercise helps you to learn important facts and dates like the period when Abraham Lincoln served as the President of the United States, the date when he was born, when he occupied his first seat in the state legislature, and much more.  
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Who can benefit from Abraham Lincoln’s printable worksheets pdf?

These Abraham Lincoln worksheets can be beneficial for all middle school and high school students, teachers, and guardians. Covering various topics in a well-organized manner can result in a great way for all the students who wish to download these free printable Abraham Lincoln worksheets.

These worksheets can also be used by teachers to give homework or to conduct fun class activities where these middle school and high school children can learn about Abraham Lincoln by solving the worksheets.

These worksheets is extremely beneficial for homeschoolers, as these worksheets can help them know Abraham Lincoln in an organized and fun manner.

Best way to practice these printables

  • As Reference Material: Children and teachers can download these worksheets and use them as reference material for their learning and practice. This helps in a huge way if teachers wish to educate the children about Abraham Lincoln.
  • Practice Tests: Teachers and guardians can indulge their children in learning about Abraham Lincoln by using these worksheets in the form of practice tests, which can be given right before the actual test.
  • Understanding & Revisions: Teachers in school can download these free printable Abraham Lincoln Worksheets for better understanding of students and helping them revise by solving these worksheets.

Tips for engaging students and promoting active learning

  1. Pre-reading activity: Before starting a lesson on Abraham Lincoln, distribute the “Lincoln’s Early Life” worksheet to students. Ask them to complete it individually or in pairs, based on their prior knowledge or initial perceptions of Lincoln’s background. Discuss their responses as a class, highlighting any misconceptions or gaps in understanding.
  2. Close reading and analysis: Introduce the “Lincoln’s Speeches” worksheet when studying Lincoln’s famous speeches, such as the Gettysburg Address or the Second Inaugural Address. Have students read the speeches and answer the questions on the worksheet. Encourage critical thinking and discussion about the historical context, rhetorical devices, and key themes within the speeches.
  3. Reflective writing activity: Use the “Lincoln’s Leadership Qualities” worksheet as a reflective exercise. After discussing Lincoln’s leadership traits and their relevance today, ask students to write a short essay or paragraph describing a personal experience or observation where they witnessed similar qualities in a leader or themselves.
  4. Group work: Assign worksheets as group activities to encourage collaboration and peer learning. Allow students to discuss their answers and perspectives before presenting their findings to the class.
  5. Research projects: Assign students to delve deeper into specific aspects of Lincoln’s life or presidency. Encourage them to explore primary and secondary sources, such as biographies or historical documents, and present their findings through presentations or written reports.
  6. Debates and discussions: Organize class debates or discussions based on controversial topics related to Abraham Lincoln, such as the Emancipation Proclamation or his views on race and equality. Provide the worksheets as references and starting points for students to form arguments and express their opinions.
  7. Creative projects: Encourage students to create artwork, write poetry, or compose songs inspired by Abraham Lincoln. These creative outlets can help students develop a deeper appreciation for Lincoln’s impact on American history and express their interpretations in unique ways.
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Summing up,

These well-researched and well-organized worksheets benefit in a great way, wherein the kids learn about Abraham Lincoln just by solving these worksheets. These worksheets result in a better understanding of the topic as they can be used in multiple ways.

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